10 Brands that rock Vine – Creative ways to use @Vineapp

Are you wondering how would you use six seconds of looping, short-form videos for your business? We have the answers for you!
Vine is a mobile app owned by Twitter that enables its users to create and post short video clips. The service was introduced with a maximum clip length of six seconds on 24th January 2013 and can be shared or embedded on social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook. Though Vine was initially available only for iOS devices, it has seen than been introduced on Android and Windows Phone.

With Social Media ever-evolving and a new medium always brings marketing challenges to light, which is why we decided to give you some strategies on how some brands and businesses are using this medium effectively for engagement and increasing social media reach.

1. Engage with your followers in a conversation

Engaging with followers on social media happens through great content which leads to conversations. Thus with this new medium is a great to engage with your followers in innovative ways.

Example: Simon & Schuster does this by not just asking what followers will be reading this weekend, they give them visual cues on what they could be reading. It could spark any reader to go to their local bookstore or order a new title online. Hence this update is great for engagement and sales.

2. Showcase your product

Perhaps you’re looking to showcase something particular about a product, or a product feature that your customers may not know about. Using Vine to highlight a product’s features is a great way to create desire while you entertain.

Example: Carmaker Opel does a great job showcasing all the colors its vehicles come in through the Vine.

3. Influencer Marketing

While creating content on the web always remember the 90-9-1 Principle. Where 90% view content, 9 % edit content and 1% actively create new content. Thus your influencers lie in the 1% and you need to tap into that segment thus to increase your exposure.

Example: Bill Gates who has used Vine very effectively to spread awareness about Aids.

4. Celebrate Holidays

Holiday season is around the corner, and it is a great time to promote and sell products to spread the spirit and cheer of the holidays. Your followers are celebrating the holidays thus get in and tap into their spirit.

Example: Tropicana did on Valentine’s Day, a really simple and effective video.

5. Teaser

As every brand knows, customers like to feel valued. Making a customer or potential customer feel special can go a really long way. Offering a Teaser can make them feel part of the brand family and develop an emotional connect. Doritos even went as far as to Vine their packaging re-design launch, thus showing their customers a teaser of their package re-design launch. A great way to create excitement and anticipation for your customers and potential.

6. Video Contest

Contests are a great way to create excitement and increase your engagement, followers. Normally contests are run through words (Caption this, complete the sentence trivia etc.), pictures and even videos sometimes. But with Vine running a contest for 6 seconds let us see how we can leverage this.

Example: Disney ran a contest on Vine – Show your unexpected Disney Side on Vine and you could win $1,000, or the Grand Prize — a Disney Parks vacation plus $10,000 to create an extended Vine series! To enter in this competition contestants had to create a 6 second video, then using hashtag #DisneySideContest and by following @DisneyParks on Twitter. Here is the winner of the contest which was later on shared on Vine.

7. How-To Videos

How-to videos are one of the most popular categories of online video, and Vine is no different. The hashtag #howto is one of the top trending tags on Vine, and can be a handy way to get prospective customers to try your product.

Example: Use the how-to concept as G.E. does here to bring to life recipes, crafts and other do-it-yourself ideas. General Electric shows how to turn milk, dish soap and food colouring into art.

8. Behind the Scenes

Customers form a sense of intimacy, dependency and identity with the products and services they consume. Thus brands should recognize the opportunity that your customers may want to learn more about the inner workings of your business and creating content that makes that possible can be an effective way to engage and build your audience. As they always see the finished product/ service, by seeing behind the scenes, can help brands develop a deeper bond with their customers and brands must leverage this.

Example: Check out this behind-the-scenes Vine courtesy of the Weather Channel.

9. Stop-Motion Videos

Vine is great tool for stop-motion capture videos because its pause recording feature is easy to use. To record video, hold your thumb over the screen to capture and let go to stop. Just by tapping the screen, you record a mere fraction of a second on camera. Repeat this enough times and you’ve got yourself a stop-motion video.

Example: Bacardi’s Simple but effective, this Vine uses stop motion to show a lime rolling up to a bottle of Bacardi. It’s a simple idea but it’s executed extremely well, which is exactly what Vine should be for.

10. Testimonials

If you are a business owner, then you know that keeping a good reputation with your customers and community is a vital part of running a successful business. One of the best inexpensive ways to keep your reputation sparkling is by using testimonials. With testimonials you will be able to market your business, strengthen your branding, build credibility, and strengthen your reputation, all by taking advantage of social proof!

Example: Marc Jacobs’ Vine features actress Christina Ricci wearing a pair of the designer’s shoes. This is a celebrity testimonial of sorts, with so many Ricci fans on the lookout for what she wears; it is a great way to promote your products even further!

5 Tweets per second contain a Vine link, with Vine you can be most effective with your content marketing and reach the millions of mobile users nationwide — billion worldwide — you need to learn how to use visual storytelling mediums effectively and incorporate them into your content marketing strategy.

According to research 2/3rd of worlds data will be video by 2017, so what are you waiting for?

Are you on Vine yet? Then do share your tips with us in the comments section below.

A social media and web tech enthusiast. I keep myself busy with building social media strategies, tactics, exploring new platforms and sharing the best of my knowledge online. I like to play basketball and football.

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  • http://felixrelationshipmarketing.com/ Juan Felix

    Thanks for sharing these very creative ideas to use 6 seconds of eye-ball attention!

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      So happy that you liked it @JuanFlx:disqus :)
      Have you used @Vine yet? Or you know of any other brand using it so creatively?

      • http://felixrelationshipmarketing.com/ Juan Felix

        Cool! So far, I haven’t used it. But it’s good to learn how others use it, because it opens up new opportunities.

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  • Supersize Blogging

    I’m building a video strategy this year, including Vine, obv. ‘Must make folk smile’ will be the key objective :)

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      That sounds really good, would be great if you share with us too!

  • http://thetecnica.com/ Devinder Maheshwari

    I have not been able to relate myself with vine but this post is really impressive and pushes me to look out for marketing opportunities with vine as well.

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Glad to hear that Devinder! You can always share your first test on Twitter with me. We are connected there already right :)

  • http://www.adspringr.com/ Adspringr

    The other advantage of using Vine in your Twitter Campaigns is that it is visual. And visual content always seems to do better in terms of engagement than just text…

    The only problem though is that there are so many social networks today to tap into – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube and now the emerging ones like Instagram and Pinterest. Agencies are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding the mediums to choosing for promoting brands :)

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