Most memorable Moments of 2013 at Digital Insights

As 2014 comes closer to us we at Digital Insights are reflecting on the past year, and we are highlighting some memorable moments. We are glad to have so many supporters around the world and there are many moments where we feel ‘Yes! we did it’. But there are some special ones which mean a lot, hence we decided to share the most memorable moments of 2013 for everyone associated with DI.

Let’s take a walk down the memory lane since our inception in May 2013 which is so dear for us, hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed the learning’s it has dawned on us.

Our lovely partner – Twitter

Since our inception, we have spread our presence across multiple social networks. We started from scratch on Twitter and the followers we have attained today are all through our organic engagement which is spread through the day, and without the help of any paid advertisements.

digital insights twitter

Also, as it’s been said there is no point in writing content if it is not shared, and our articles were mentioned in 12.4k+ tweets, with 4500 link clicks. As it can be seen in the graph we have grown gradually through all the love and support of content sharing.

Experts said ‘Hello’ and got connected

It is every booming Social Media Businesses dream to have social media influencers appreciate your work and take notice of you. We at DI have been lucky, when Mari Smith (she rocks) followed our Twitter handle that was an amazing achievement for us. To tell you more, we have Michael Q Todd, Calvin Lee, Sean Gardner, Kim Garst, Michael A. Stelzner, Pam Moore and many more. Which reinstated our belief of organic content is what drives you to your desired results, and this has motivated us to be only better.

We feel proud when we do something for brands

We cover a lot of Social Media campaigns for businesses and we feel proud when our stories get shared on global publications like Yahoo Small Business and some others too.

digital insights yahoo business

Who doesn’t like to go-viral on social media?

Infographics can really do wonders. We are amazed and very excited to see a great response on this one particularly with more than 8.3K shares. Google+, Twitter, and 100+ blogs including SocialMediaToday, MediaBistro and Mediassociaux have mentioned us with some outstanding feedback.

most shared on digital insights

Wider circle of Admirers

As we mentioned in the earlier point about the most shared article, the same got shared on Google+ for more than 1000 times. Denis Labelle shared the post mentioning Digital Insights and it then became ‘Hot on Google+‘. Thanks to Denis for this one!

hot on google plus

SEO is dead, but not Search Engines

Did you know that the first three results in the first page of a Google search get 79 percent of all clicks? Are you aware that as few as 10 percent of people go beyond the first page of search results? We are extremely honoured at DI to be featured in the first three results of the first page.

digital insights on google

Yeah, you can contact us to know how we did that :) But with these results it just makes us want to work harder and always provide Solutions when you search Social Media related on Google.

Respected Audience

The screenshot shows the traffic to our site for the month November – December 2013 compared to September – October 2013. As you can see below the graph of November and December and how the visits have increased and have peaked the most on 12th December 2013.

digital insights GA

The Visits have increased by 92.25%, Unique Visitors by 94.49% and Page views by 102.26%. All these statistics are very humbling and make us want to be better as each day goes by.

We feel extremely humbled, excited and encouraged to be better. 2013 has been a heck of a year for us, and we only hope 2014 is just as rocking. We don’t want to get along with any frivolous resolutions this year, we can assure you to always provide rich content and promise to keep getting better.

And again! Thank you so much for supporting us!

A social media and web tech enthusiast. I keep myself busy with building social media strategies, tactics, exploring new platforms and sharing the best of my knowledge online. I like to play basketball and football.

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  • Omkar Mishra

    Great to be part of the Journey ..Hope to make 2014 more awesome :)

    • Harsh Ajmera

      Glad to have you here Omkar! This all would not have happened without you!
      Let’s build this big, I mean real BIG :)

  • Malhar Barai

    Awesome stats!! Have a rocking 2014

    • Harsh Ajmera

      Malhar, really appreciate for your support throughout 2013! Thanks for your wishes, keep showering your love.

  • Michael Q Todd

    Thank you for the shout out guys! Have a great 2014

    • Harsh Ajmera

      Thanks Michael for being an inspiration and supporting us always. It means a lot.
      Wishing an awesome 2014 to you too.

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