Facebook supports Indian General 2014 Elections by voting actions

Indian General Elections 2014 for the 16th Lok Sabha are not so far, and we can see a lot of buzz already about it in Social Media space. There are several Twitter and Facebook profiles/pages being operated by people/parties to influence their votes this upcoming elections. According to the Election Commission an estimated 778 million voters are eligible to vote in 2014 and out of this an estimated 17 million are first time voters around the age of 18 or 19. This is more than the 714 million eligible voters from the 2009 elections where only 58.19% voted.

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Social Media has been playing an important role in Elections worldwide, specially when we talk about Twitter and Facebook. A recent study done by an Indiana University found a correlation between the number of times a candidate for the House of Representatives was mentioned on Twitter in the months before an election and his or her performance in that election. The more a candidate is mentioned on Twitter, the better.

Yeah, we know that’s US elections; but it’s about trend and you can’t deny that during elections, we all talk about our favourite/hatred parties. And those who don’t talk, like to listen and follow. This is where Facebook and Times of India came together to encourage more Indian citizens to vote in the upcoming 2014 elections.

Facebook said

There are over 82 million Indian citizens now on Facebook we’re seeing people increasingly using the platform to discuss candidates, campaigns and critical issues facing the country.

Times of India said

The youth in particular, we believe, can play a big role in cleansing our polity, ridding it of the cynicism that has taken such deep roots and truly empowering the aam admi. It is as a result of this conviction that we have in the past launched campaigns like Lead India and I Lead India.

Facebook has rolled out a new feature which allows all Indian citizens to add a life event that they are registered to vote and you can also share your story about whom you will be voting, when, where and how you decided to vote/register.

How to go about this?

Step 1: Register to vote

If you are not already registered to vote, you can do it by filling Form 6 on the Election Commission’s site. If you are registered, move to step 2.

Step 2: Add life event

Click here to reach your Facebook Timeline and follow the instructions-

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Step 3: Choose Date, Photo and Place where you registered and share your story

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To check your eligibility and other questions regarding voting in elections, click here.

For now, this is just an initiative to encourage more people to vote; May be in 2015 or sooner Social Media will predict Election results in India also. Stay tuned for more updates, we are building this space up. You might see a more concrete story about Indian Elections 2014 soon here.

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