7 things I learned while blogging about Social Media in India

Social Media in India is on a rise! Every brand, MNC, mid size, small business, NGOs, almost everybody wants to rock on social media. ROI, no ROI, engagement, fun, criticise, competition, increase in sales, brand positioning there are so many various reasons to get into Social Media Marketing. When I was a part of a company in Mumbai, India working as a Social Media Executive with some more Digital Evangelists, I came across this quote from Avinash Kaushik

Social media is like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. No one actually knows how. When finally done, there is surprise its not better.

I couldn’t really understand what he wanted to say, or may be I perceived it the way I wanted :) Slowly with the time that I have been spending on Social Media, specially working with multinational companies/businesses I started realising what Avinash said was true! The way Indian companies treat social media is way different from how other countries do. And that maybe the case for some other countries too.

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I thought of starting a social media blog in India where people who are connected and understand social media may join and contribute about their experience and we together may help various brands to grow and take that important step which can boost their efforts on social media. And here is how Digital Insights performed in 2013.

Being an avid learner I always keep a track on what I do and what I learn from that. If there isn’t any learning that means something is going wrong and things have to be redefined. From last 11 months I have been blogging about Social Media in India and here are 7 things that I learned and I cherish-

1. Social Media in India has a huge scope

As I said, Social media has become the need of the hour for everyone. Almost everyone is online either through their smart phones or through their work stations. Don’t believe me? These statistics below will re-instate your belief:

  • IAMAI (Internet And Mobile Association of India) suggests, the Internet user base in India is projected to touch 243 Million by June 2014.
  • Researches also suggests that there will be 150 Million+ Social Media users by end of 2014.
  • IAMAI also expects the number of mobile Internet users to touch 185 million by June 2014.

Indian brands have realised the importance of online branding, and almost all have taken to social media. People have started realising the importance of social media, even though they are tapping limited social networks right now. Social media in India has huge scope.

2. Social Media experts and bloggers are generous

Social Media experts and bloggers not only in India but global as well, are very generous and share a wealth of information with fellow members. They are always ready to help with various tips; they help you keep up with the latest trends and so on.

People like Malhar, Prasant (from India), Ian Cleary, Michael, AaronLilach, Mari Smith and more (global) have their own social media blogs, but they are always ready to collaborate and help. Thus helping you ease into the whole process of blogging and helping you make a mark online as well.

I clearly remember that Facebook chat I had with Ian where I was asking him about what he recommends to make this blog better, he gave some 5-6 pointers to work on and I was so happy to have an expert reviewing the website and suggesting me ways to improve. If you think this site is now more colourful as compared to initial stages, you can thank Ian for that.

3. It takes time, but its fun!

If your blog is into breaking news, the scenario is very different from a blog where you give insights about Social Media. Insights relating to campaigns, brands, how to articles, tools and so on. Digital Insights falls in the latter category of the blogs, thus for us getting traffic and subscribers wasn’t easy when we started.

It involves a lot of time, effort and serious dedication. As they say Rome was not built in a day. But after your efforts start paying off and everything falls into place, you will start enjoying the process and there will be fun! But patience is the key, so don’t hope for instant success!

4. Social Media blogging rewards you

Oh yes! It definitely rewards you by earning goodwill to your blog, being mentioned on other blogs, getting featured in newspapers, being connected with industry experts and other very significant emails that you get praising your work.

social media rewards

I receive so many emails where people appreciate our work, they give you suggestions, they make you feel you are doing well. Emails even seeking advice of what they should do on social media and ways to leverage. By the content being shared on your blog, it helps poach new clients as well.

5. I learn new things everyday

Social media is vast and it changes every moment! Being a social media enthusiast I like to be ahead of times thus keeping up with all the changes that goes around. I follow a list of websites/people on a daily basis, and keep learning about new tools, applications or advancements.

These learning help you when you are working with clients and they have varied requirements thus being able to fulfill them. With the constant learning’s, I make sure to share it across my blog so it can be of some help to others as well.

6. It helps you to be sound technically

When you blog about social media, theory isn’t enough always there has to be a practical aspect to it as well. Thus a tip I’m sharing which works for me, I keep experimenting with social strategy. In ways of building micro-sites, landing pages, applications and other stuff as well which gives you a chance to be technically sound too.

Simply bragging about ‘how Facebook ads can help you’ won’t really make a difference to your readers, there are so many sources that do the same. What you can do is share live examples, screen-shots, tips, tools that can be used to be more efficient. So when you are sharing your learning’s in regards to the technicality- theory sometimes makes it more complicated to understand. But with the practical understanding it makes it much easier to express and thus enables the readers to comprehend as well.

7. You can help businesses to improve their efforts

social media brandsWith the insights that we provide here, we try our best to help brands/businesses to improve their social strategy and even providing certain digital solutions which they may have not yet thought of or their agency hadn’t either drawn light on.

Its fun helping brands to break the mould of social media being only Facebook, and making them embrace other social properties as well. And we always try to cover the best social media stories/campaigns from which other brands can learn.

Apart from the learning

I made so many friends here, met so many of them personally and yet to meet some. I am really thankful to people around who support me so much, and the visitors and subscribers with their lovely comments and shares. Thankful to Mr. Omkar Mishra [the guy in that 300 image up there] for being the backbone for Digital Insights, and my lovely friends Priyanka, HiteshMinal, Nitin, Sunil and guest bloggers AdrienneTarun, Sneha and Vijay. Not to forget, thankful to our secret well-wishers too! Let’s make this place more beautiful and insightful.

If you have a suggestion that you think we can work on or have any other question, please comment below of you can also contact us here.

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