8 Best Practices for LinkedIn Company Pages

Do you have a Company/Business Page for your business on LinkedIn yet? You don’t know how its going to help your business? A LinkedIn Company Page gives a business an amazing opportunity to showcase and promote its products and services, recruit the right set of talent, and share important, interesting, and useful updates about the company and industry.

linkedin best practices

We identified 25+ most effective Company Pages on LinkedIn (IBM, Adobe, Accenture, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys) and have compiled this list of 8 best practices that you should follow for your Business too.

1. Make your Company profile noticeable

If you are a SME or start-up, this is very important for you. You have to have a company profile which stands out. Make sure that you have an outstanding cover photo and also update other sections like about us, products and services, links to career, and more. Consider every visitor of your Company page as a promoter and design it accordingly.

linkedin cover photo

Use fields like keywords and title very smartly, so that your company page appears for the relevant searches.

2. Importance based sorting

While updating the product and service section, make sure your most important products are listed first.

This sorting is also convenient for the visitors to understand the portfolio of your company. And also the first product or service that you mention is by-default displayed as featured product on company page. You can put the most efficient and profitable product at first keeping in mind that maximum people will see that.

3. Take advantage of ‘Featured Update’ feature

For Company pages, LinkedIn has a very useful feature where you can mark any of your updates as ‘Feature Update’ and that will stick to the top of your Recent Updates section.

linkedin featured update

Its similar to what we have “Pin to top” on Facebook and “Featured Tweet” on Twitter.

4. Understand your Followers

It will make a lot of difference if you know what exactly your followers are, their traits, preferences and roles. And the simplest way to do that is asking them directly. Yeah! you can use the insights to know the age group, geographical distribution and stuff like that but to understand the characteristics you need to post updates that encourages them to share their likes and dis-likes.

linkedin posts

See the above image for an example. And once you are with understanding your followers, it becomes easy to engage with them.

5. Keep your Content bucket flexible and fresh

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site but that doesn’t mean that you have to always be serious/formal while communicating with the audience. Its important that you provide fresh+relative+engaging content from the point of view of Company as well as Followers.

Consider creating few contest and sweepstakes promotions that are relevant to your company. That is good way to attract more followers and create buzz.

6. Talent Hunt, efficient way

If you have a doubt believing that LinkedIn is a great place for recruiting talented employees, your doubts will be clear once you will read the next line. Did you know that world’s most popular Social networking site ‘Facebook’ does majority of its direct recruitment from LinkedIn? (see Facebook’s career section here)

7. Ask for product and service recommendations

One of the most powerful feature of LinkedIn Products and Services page is that LinkedIn members can write recommendations of your products and services. These recommendations are written testimonials. You can feature them on your LinkedIn Company Page, share them on your website, and so on to extend their reach even further.

Most importantly, don’t expect people to write recommendations on their own. Instead, ask them to do so.

8. Cross-promotion with other social platforms and campaigns

LinkedIn provides a 3 banners feature on its Product and Services page and best part is you can give a call to action to that banner to any external page on internet. So that gives you an opportunity to promote your other social platforms and even to showcase latest campaigns.

linkedin banners

The above image is CNBC LinkedIn page, and see how they are doing cross-promotion (live link here)

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