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An idea is born out of a thought and thought stems from an insight. And for the benefit of those who don’t know and for those who do, a brand or a communication is always created around that insight. As the name suggests, this space is all about insights born in the digital arena, almost every second. DI (Digital Insights) as we prefer to call it, breathes, eats, drinks, sleeps digital innovations. For a new digital enthusiast, this is where we talk about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and as many more social media platforms as you may think of. DI is here to help you interpret and take maximum benefit of Social and Digital Media. We strongly believe in learning and exploring various Social Media platforms and tools, so you may often see strategies, recommendations, reviews, tactics and criticism here; And all of that is our personal views and thoughts. No article posted on DI is sponsored unless and until mentioned in the article.

  • If you are passionate about Social Media, if you are really enthusiastic, this is the right place to showcase yourself and start talking. Broadcast Yourself!
  • If you are a Brand Manager or a Marketing Personnel, it’s a platform where you can keep yourself updated with latest Social Media trends and news. Enrich Yourself!
  • If you are a Brand itself, this is the right place where you can keep a track on your Competitors and also gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Measure Yourself!
  • And if you are a Social Media/Digital Media agency, we have a lot to say about your work, good and bad, so keep an eye on this space. Assess Yourself!

People associated with DI

Harsh Ajmera (Chief)

A social media and web tech enthusiast. I keep myself busy with building social media strategies, tactics, exploring new platforms and sharing the best of my knowledge online. I like to play basketball and football.

Omkar Mishra (Chief)

A Social Media Junkie and a ‘So Called’ Guitarist.Loves to read content related to Music & Digital Media. Manchester United Supporter. Social Media Manager by Day and Batman by night.

Priyanka Ravani

Avid Fiction reader, Lives to eat , Total Movie buff!! Reads Bombay Times before TOI and a self certified Harry Potter Maniac. A Social media enthusiast and strongly feels Infographics kick Excel Sheet reports ass!

Vijay Paul

Founder & Blogger @IZEcreative | Startup Entrepreneur | Social Media-holic | Amateur Cartoonist | Graphic Designer | IEEE Volunteer | Addicted to Laughter

Upasna Kakroo

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Upasna is the Co-founder of content marketing and branding startup Brandanew. Previously, she has worked with Experteer, Rocket Internet and McKinsey & Co.

Harshita Pande Joshi

A social media expert in communication strategies, online reputation, customer management, innovative marketing campaigns, training and consulting for brands.

Minal Ruhela

A content creator and social media marketeer, frindling between marketing and who loves to talk, read, write, sing and dance... less professional more personal.

Tarun Mitra

Half Marketer, Half Geek, interested in All Things Digital, EdTech, AdTech, Startups, Fashion and Beer. Founder & Ex-CEO @LurnQ, Ex-VP International @aptechltd

Adrienne Erin

Adrienne is a social media marketing writer who loves to study strategies to see what works. When she's not writing, she might be obsessing over her love of design or speaking French.

Malhar Barai

An author, speaker, blogger and social media consultant, I help small and medium enterprises succeed in their Social Media Marketing campaigns. I usually blog about content strategy, social media platforms, product reviews and tricks to ace Social Media. Let's collaborate over @MalharBarai (Twitter) and other platforms.

Hitesh Motwani

I am Hitesh Motwani a social media expert and I eat, drink, and breathe social media. A Steve Jobs worshipper, music lover. In free time I love to watch movies and munch nachos with salsa dip.

Alexandra Nicola

Alexandra Nicola is a Content Writer at Squirrly.co. She enjoys helping people with the problems they face in their SEO work and loves S.F. novels.

Sneha Panday

Love the warmth of startup still currently investing time at Provogue.com! #digitalmarketing #ecommerce #analytics #learner #ilovewhatido. Other than work I am karma believer, finicky, loud laughs, random writer. Want to grow every day on the online and ecommerce front and share my learning’s and experience through blogs.