ABP News promotes their new show #PradhanMantri with Shekhar Kapur on Social Media

How cool would it be to present the Indian audience with some untold/unheard stories of Indian Politics from the era of Indian Independence? ABP News is trying to promote it’s new documentary- drama series ‘PradhanMantri’ which gets aired every Saturday on the Channel. And as we have seen with Indian Television Channels which are stepping up and integrating Social Media into their marketing mix, ABP news have also roped in Social Media to create and sustain the buzz around the show. The show aims to show unknown facets of Indian Politics which again might spark of a few controversies.

And for the same purpose, they have roped in an influential personality like Shekhar Kapur who is a critically acclaimed Director along with being a Social Media Influencer himself. While speaking about the show to NDTV, Shekhar Kapur said:

For me it was an eye opener. I also got to know a lot of things which I have never heard of. I know the show will be controversial because a lot of things which were buried will be brought out in this program,

The News Channel has been promoting the pre-launch buzz heavily on all the three channels namely, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

@ABPNewsTV has been promoting the show with the hashtag #PradhanMantri on Twitter. Twitter is known to be a platform which is vocal and anything and everything related to Indian Politics will be a catalyst of conversation for the Twitterati.The Channel is trying to engage its audience by asking questions to the audience around the political theme and announcing winners of the contest during the show. This along with the association of Shekhar Kapur who is a well know celebrity on Twitter and has more than 464K followers, made sure the hashtag trending across the Indian regions on Twitter. A report pulled up with the help of Keyhole Tool showed the campaign  had generated more than 2 Million Impressions on Twitter with a Twitter Reach of more than 668K on Saturday.

#PradhanMantri Twitter Report

#PradhanMantri on Facebook and YouTube:

The ABPNews official Facebook page is promoting the show through sharing YouTube Teasers across their 800K fans. The content promotion as of now is not being through an Facebook application, but nevertheless fans on the page are seen expressing their views on the topics aired on the channel. Initially the show is aimed to be a 23 episode season and it would be interesting to see if ABP News does come up with a dedicated Facebook campaign to gain and provoke fans to share their thoughts.

PradhanMantri on ABP News Facebook

The PradhanMantri YouTube Playlist is a separate entity where the episodes being aired are hosted for Fans so that the fans who missed the show on ABP News can catch it on YouTube. The two episodes being aired have already gained more than 25K views.

The show does tend to invoke some reactions from various social media channels in the start of the season itself. With the host being an influential personality like Shekhar Kapur and political content as the theme of the show, you can expect more conversations surrounding PradhanMantri in the days to come, especially on Twitter.

What do you think about the show PradhanMantri on ABP News? Have you watched it yet?

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