Arvind Kejriwal Being #SlappedAgain

What Happened Again in Delhi With Kejriwal?

Just hours before the campaign was to end in Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party was once again in the news after an auto driver slapped Arvind Kejriwal during a roadshow in Sultanpuri, North-West Delhi on Tuesday 8th April 2014. Kejriwal was campaigning for the party, when the attacker climbed up his jeep under the guise of wanting to garland him. The attacker did the needful and then suddenly slapped him with force.

The attacker was reportedly upset with Arvind Kejriwal for going back on promises and abandoning the Delhi government after 49 days in power. Mr. Kejriwal had faced a similar attack while campaigning in south Delhi, just a few days ago. And he has blamed these attacks on his political rivals, where as BJP called this attacked “as scripted” and Congress called it an “explosion of anger” by people in Delhi.

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arvind kejriwal slapped again

Reactions on Twittersphere: #SlappedAgain

After the attack took place, Mr Kejriwal took to twitter to rant about his assaults and displeasure. And so did a lot of people, when they started tweeting about it. The incident has been trending on Twitter since more than 24 hours. With the help of Talkwalker, we have powered this research and followed this entire outburst, rants and various tweets associated with this incident. Let’s take a look at how this incident, sparked conversations and led it to trend:

  • Overall Results:

As you can see in the above graph, after Mr. Kejriwal was #SlappedAgain, it created massive ripples on Twitter. As more and more people became aware, they started voicing their opinion on this network. The conversations relating to this hashtag peaked on 8th April, the day the incident took place and it has been trending as well. And even other hashtags such as #WeWantModi and #IStandWithArvind have been trending as well.

Kejriwal Slapped Again - Results on Social Media

  • What are People Talking About:

The various topics spoken by people who were voicing their opinion on Twitter are related to the upcoming elections.The most spoken about topics are about – Arvind Kejriwal and his assault,Aam Aadmi party, about Narendra Modi and his campaigning advertisements, the name of the auto-rickshaw driver who slapped Kejriwal – lali.

Arvind Kejriwal Topics on social media

  • Sentiment Analysis:

With the #SlappedAgain incident, the reaction has mainly negative, where the audience felt he deserved to be slapped and the whole incident was scripted. Arvind Kejriwal as reported has met the accused to know the reason for which he had slapped the leader during the rally.Events surrounding such incidents has led people supporting Narendra Modi with the hashtag #WeWantModi. The other chunks of people are neutral where they are not entirely with it or against it. While there are people on Twitter who are still behind the former IRS Officer Mr. Kejriwal and using the hashtag #IStandWithArvind to show their support.

Sentiment Analysis - Arvind Kejriwal Slapgate

  • Top Influencers:

These are the following top influencers in the following online portals – News, Facebook & Twitter. Where they have played a large role in increasing awareness towards this incident and making people aware about it. Thus leading to more participation by people tweeting about it and making it trend as well.

Arvind Kejriwal SlapGate - Top Influencers

Let’s take a look at what people are saying:

Twitter is still abuzz with tweets pouring in every second with people still voicing their opinion on this platform.The microblog is proving to be a great opinion generator as far as the 2014 Indian elections are concerned with people (and parties) from all corners of India starting to speak out (and abuse) on social media platforms. But how much does this impact the actual results remains to be seen.

What do you think? Scripted by Kejriwal himself or planted by his opposition? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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