Bangalore Auto Rickshaw went viral on Facebook

Yes, you heard that right. This is not about any brand, not about any social media agency. It’s a user generated content that went viral on Facebook. A Bangalore based auto rickshaw driver (named Zamir) has shown his honesty by returning back the customer’s (named Rita Senthil Selvaraj) iPhone 4S, which he could have easily taken and ran away. Here is what Rita’s post said-

I was for sure lucky today..
took an auto from koramangala to yemlur(my house), in between it started raining heavy. somehow i reached home safely and the driver u see in photo dropped me till the door step so that i don’t get drenched. I was so excited to see baby that i made the payment and left my iPhone 4G (Gifted by my hubby on my birthday) in the auto.. after almost 35 mins I thought of making a call to my parents and here i don’t find my phone.. continue reading

Customer Rita, after receiving her iPhone 4S back clicked a photo of Zamir with his auto and updated a post on Facebook. She also updated the same post to Bangalore Traffic Police Facebook Page. Bangalore Traffic Police is one of those Facebook pages where you can see a great engagement. I am sure we all know how we think about Traffic Police in India, but if you look at this page, it’s really wonderful to see such an engagement driven page on Facebook for Traffic police department.

auto rickshaw went viral on facebook

After Rita posted her story to Bangalore Traffic Police, they story got many comments, likes and shares and it started picking up from there. In just 10 hours, it has got around 700 likes, 100 shares and 60 comments. Its a true story of a Rickshaw wala.

This reminds me of one lesson that I had learn from my fellow Social Media Marketers – On Social Media, you can go viral only if your content falls into one of these category – Unique, Honest or Funny :)

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