5 Amazing ways to be super Productive on Social Media

Who doesn’t want to figure out how to get more done? Or get things done more efficiently? How often have we wished we had more hours in a day? This is something I personally was struggling before few months.

Social Media is an important part for people like me who live on it. And the fact is there isn’t enough time to get everything done from – content curation, doing research, being socially active, promoting brands/products/articles and still there is so much left to do. I figured out a small secret for this, and started using it personally and for some brands I work with.

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It’s very important to use your time productively and smartly when you are doing stuff online. Below I’m mentioning 5 things that I always recommend to all businesses/brands I work for and seen some great results.

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1. Choose the apt platform

Many individuals/businesses feel that they have to be active on every social media platform. Businesses can be present on all the platforms, but they can be much more productive by focusing on the social media sites that are most likely to reach their target audience. To truly be effective, a business should choose those social networks which are best suited for the type of media they want to use and if their target audience is there as well.social media right

Thus it is mandatory to do a little research before you start putting in your efforts, to realise only they are not getting wasted. Focus on some platforms and let other platforms just follow slowly.

For instance, your brand carters to women who are into fashionable goods you are best suited to leverage image-oriented sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. As your business needs the visual appeal to entice your customers to engage with you.

2. Choose the right tools

Social media marketing isn’t easy. It takes time and commitment to grow your social presence, create and share great content, and engage with your followers. Thus doing all this, can be extremely time consuming and tedious.

However, there are ton of social media tools which can help you ease your load and they can do wonders for you. You need to choose the right tools based on your requirement; once you have that sorted, you don’t have to stick your eyes to screen all the time.

3. Leverage the power of Community

One of the things that I always recommend is to start creating community of your influencers, followers, and brand advocates. Create Twitter lists, Facebook groups, Google+ communitites or Linkedin groups or maybe forums. But you need to actively be around with people who really matter.

Start engaging your with your influencers on an individual basis. Leverage the power and size of their networks to further boost your online presence. Thus by leveraging the power of your community you can increase your brand’s awareness, get noticed by a lot more eyeballs and a lot more benefits.

4. Cut off Distractions!

social media distractionHave you been so absorbed by funny cat videos that you didn’t realise how yourhalf an hour flew away. And those related videos on YouTube are so smart you always get enticed to watch one after the other. It’s my recommendation to put your phones away, don’t look at your emails or WhatsApp for a few hours

I use focus booster on my Mac to keep a track on time, you can set number of minutes after which you want a alert to change your flow. This really helps in thinking and articulateing things without any distractions and keep the flow of your thoughts going in the right direction.

5. It’s Good to be Offline at times

When you are constantly online, reading new updates, handling campaigns, talking to people, discussions with peers online and other online activites all time, you start missing the real aspects about day-to-day life. This affects in two ways- one, you start getting saturated and if a particular activity you could finish in 5 mins, may take 10 mins or even longer.

Second, you loose creativity. Creativity is somewhere the key differentiator between you and other businesses out there. It’s good to be offline sometimes, so all the information you were exposed to starts deciphering and you can breathe in all the worlds. That’s when a good idea strikes, which you can then implement in a much more productive way.

Social media can be extremely time consuming and sometimes it may even demoralize when you don’t get the desired results. Thus there is need for proper management of time to make sure all your efforts are being utilised productively.

How do you manage all your functions on social media? Do share your ways to be more effective in the comments section below.

A social media and web tech enthusiast. I keep myself busy with building social media strategies, tactics, exploring new platforms and sharing the best of my knowledge online. I like to play basketball and football.

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  • http://www.slb.com/ Koshy Samuel

    people have to get more social and share ideas and insights to change the world to new ways of working..

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      get more social or maybe understand the actual value of it :)

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  • http://optimismproposal.blogspot.ca/ Lyssa

    Knowing when to close your computer, and prioritize tasks is key, isn’t it? Thanks for the post! I’m busy trying to juggle a real life vs. a computer life and do notice big streams of creativity when away fro my computer

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Totally Lyssa, it’s very important to keep a balance.
      Glad to know we are in sync! Thanks for stopping by.

  • http://www.slb.com/ Koshy Samuel

    Be Social.. add value to your Community..