Best Christmas campaigns from top Brands this 2014!

December is a month of continued celebrations, which is when people get their last minute shopping done and spend time with friends and families. But for marketers it is a different tune altogether, as it is that time of the year where they are constantly wearing their thinking caps and crafting strategies to tap all the cheer!

From online campaigns, to Twitter contests and even TV adverts; marketing never stops during this month and brands keep rolling out brilliant campaigns one after the other. To keep the spirit of Christmas going on, I have shortlisted some amazing campaigns of this year. Remember these amazing Christmas Ads from 2013?

1. Waitrose

This ad tells a story of a young girl who is chosen to make gingerbread cookies for her school fair. She isn’t very ecstatic of the idea to bake, and struggles with her task until she gets help from a Waitrose worker. The whole ad builds on the retailer’s message, that their employees are even more dedicated as they own a part of the business so they truly care!

2. WestJet

They are at it again this year, with their Christmas miracle in Dominican Republic where the residents spoke to Santa and told him what they wished for. Next day when they were invited, little did they know that all their wishes were going to come true! This year as well, their campaign will give you Goosebumps and have in all sense spread the cheer of the holidays.

3. Boots

With this Christmas advert of theirs they spread a very important message of celebrating the special people in your life. The ad begins with people travelling across town to get somewhere, only to be revealed they have gone to surprise their mother, sister and wife during Christmas. This ad encourages viewers to make their loved ones feel special by buying gifts which subtly implies from ‘Boots.’

4. John Lewis

In this advert we follow the adventures of a little boy and Monty, the penguin. As the story unfolds, it shows the penguin yearns for a female companion when he sees couples together. To surprise the lovesick penguin, the kid gives him the perfect gift Mabel, a female penguin. As the boy’s mum looks at the touching scene, only to reveal that penguins are infact cuddly toys they are only real in his imagination. This Christmas campaign truly puts a wide smile on your face.

5. Sainsbury’s

The supermarket teamed up with Royal British Legion to retell story of Christmas Day football match, and all the profits which will be made from the £1 chocolate bar will be donated to veterans’ charity. The commercial retells the story of Christmas day in 1914, where British and German soldiers emerged from their trenches to exchange gifts and play football. This heart-warming advert of theirs has recreated the truce of 1914 during World War 1.

6. Tesco

Tesco is turning on the Christmas cheer up a notch, by creating a light show for this commercial with the team that worked in 2012 Olympics. The ad features a line, ‘that every little help makes Christmas.’ This shows that Tesco is doing all sort of things to keep the spirit of Christmas going and making their customers feel Christmasy as well!

7. Harvey Nichols

During the holidays we receive gifts from our family members and friends, but many a times we do not like those gifts! Harvey Nichols with this amusing ad of theirs makes sure you get what you want. Where you can send e-vites or cards to your loved ones telling them exactly what you want for Christmas. This definitely throws the word subtle out of the window!

8. Mulberry

This light-hearted advertisement, shows in a household family members are competing with each other when it comes to gifting for their daughter. Each presents get more and more over the top until the grandmother out does them all by gifting a bag. This ad highlights a very simple and important point, that presents play a very important role during the holidays.

9. Coca-Cola

Santa is flipping pages of a enchanting book, “How to Make someone happy” and spots pages and pages of nice things people do like – offering their umbrella in the snow, doing a silly magic trick while waiting to board a train or surprise dinner at grandma’s. It highlights in the ad that every joyous moment of your life deserves to be enjoyed with a coca-cola. Very intelligent way, to place the product in their consumers mind.

10. KFC

There is a boy who never shares anything and is all about “Me,me,me.” But that soon changes over a Christmas dinner, where they are having a KFC meal and he happily shares his meal with his family. This ad is trying to portray of how families come together when eating a meal during the holidays, and KFC does that!

Here is an addition

Apple really knows how to market their products, without being too salesly. This Christmas ad will surely overwhelm you! It shows a girl going through some albums, and then she comes across an old photo inside a record album of her grandmother. The girl then re-records the song with her own vocals, and leaves it at the kitchen table to surprise her grandma. This touching ad shows how technology can help you make great personalised gifts for your loved ones.

Holidays are a great time for your businesses to re-connect with your customers, so when they are out there buying products your brand remains on the top of their mind. All these brands have very intelligently made use of social media to push their products on consumers. Not only do they spread the cheer, but steal the show as well!

Which has been your favourite Christmas campaign? Do share your with us in the comments section below-

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