7 Chrome Extensions which make my life easier online

I spend around 8-10 hours on the internet every day, Part of it due to the nature of my job & the rest is there are just too many awesome things you cannot miss out to read on the Internet. I am sure, I am not the only one. In-fact according to a recent report, Americans spend 23 hours online per week on an average. That is almost 14% of their time in a week. Although, I spend much more time than that (being in the digital industry), People are becoming more engrossed surfing the internet/ social media than engaging offline.

With this there comes a new challenge as how one can make the maximum productive time out of this. With the Internet being such a distracting place where It is very easy to get sidetracked from your objectives.

Picture this, yesterday I was browsing to know more about Social Media Tools conversations on Quora & Twitter & after 90 minutes, I found myself reading about the latest MARS mission by India. This is how distracting it gets if you allow the Internet take control of you.

Best Chrome Extensions

However, with the difficulties we all face with the online world, there are also remedies. Here I am going to talk about how you can use the right browser extensions to make your time on the internet worthwhile & in the process stay focused on what you are intended to do online (at that momemt).

You all with me? Let’s get started:

  • Buffer

Buffer is one of my favorite tools & the one which I use every-day for social media publishing & scheduling. I use it for my personal accounts along with the ones for Digital Insights. Very easy to use with an always awesome customer service, you will save a lot of time when you install the browser extension for Buffer on Firefox or Chrome.

When you find a great content to tweet, Just copy the text and right click ‘Buffer Selected Text’ and your quote is ready to be shared. When you find an image worth sharing, click on the image & select ‘Buffer this Image’ for it to be shared on your  multiple accounts. This makes my job easier & saves a lot of time which I can use effectively for other things.


P.S: They also have an awesome blog which I recommend you to read as well.

How Buffer works

  • Google Analytics URL Builder:

Google Analytics URL builder is a Chrome only plugin which comes in very handy when you are looking at tracking the links you share on Google Analytics. When I am looking at running multiple campaigns for my clients, this is a very useful plugin where I can select & share links via pre-populated lists & shorten them using bit.ly integration.

Here is how it works:

Google Analytics URL Builder

  • Clearly:

Clearly allows you a distraction free reading interface from the web browser with integration with Evernote. You can highlight pointers you feel in an article and can get it synced with your Evernote account. You can customize the view to remember the important things you care about. Very much recommended for Evernote Users.

Once you install the plugin, any article you are currently viewing can be changed in a distraction free mode sans all the ads. This makes me concentrate on the core content & enjoy the article.

How Clearly works


  • Pocket:

Pocket is my go-to app to catch up on whatever I missed later in the day while travelling. This pocket sized app packs a punch as a bookmarking service to let you read & save the articles you don’t have time to read (during that particular time) directly from your browser. The self-defined tags make it easier for you to stay organized with the hundreds of articles you might save over the period of time.

You can use Pocket with multitude of apps like Twitter, Feedly and automatically save any new links you find on Twitter. You might want to read how to do this with IFTTT in this article

I use Pocket for:

  1. Catching up on new articles I have come across on my feed or browser
  2. Use it to store reference articles which can be quoted later with the help of a defined tag
  3. Store Ideas on new blog posts which I feel I can write on in the future (Tag it as ‘blog ideas’)
  • Search in a Giphy:

If you love to communicate to your audience in Gif’s as it is now being supported by Twitter & Google+, You can find this Chrome extension handy to search for all the trending gif’s currently on giphy.com. Clicking on the icon will give you a view of the trending gif’s currently with the ability for you to search with keywords or based on categories. You can add it to Chrome from here

Search in a Giphy

  • Riffle

Riffle is a chrome extension which helps you summarize about a person which you might find interesting enough to check out on Twitter. The USP of the tool is the minimalistic effort you have to take to find out the clout of the Twitter user along with his activities. Rather than going to a tool and searching for the Twitter user and then viewing his stats, Riffle makes it a one click process to display all the necessary stats right within your Chrome browser. A handy extension for a Social Media networking guy like me.

Just sign in with your Twitter account and watch the magic unfold with Riffle.

How Riffle works

  • Nimbus:

Nimbus lets you take screen captures right within Chrome with editing options and allowing you to annotate within the capture. You can save the screenshots to your computer or save it to your Google Drive for later access. As easy as it gets

P.S: I used Awesome screenshot before trying Nimbus but uninstalled it reading this:

These are some of the extensions which I use daily on Google Chrome to make the most of my limited time on the web & spend it efficiently. Anything you would like to add to this list?

Let me know your favorites in the comments below

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  • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

    This is superb Omkar, I recently uninstalled Awesome Screenshot bcoz it takes a lot of memory (RAM) on my mac!
    Wasn’t aware about the history thing; now that I am, won’t be looking to it again!
    Thanks again.