Best Instagram Videos of 2013 you can’t miss!

Instagram launched the function of posting videos on June 2013, creating an exceptionally short 15-second video takes a little more time to think through because you don’t have a second to spare. Without strategizing you’ll just be shooting things that won’t make sense and will seem incomplete.

There are brands that are doing creative videos in 15 seconds which just captures your attention and mesmerises you. They’re solidifying their brand identities, making creative demos, giving their fans a preview, and more. We also shared some amazing examples how Brands are using Vine for video marketing. Let’s take a look at the way some brands have creatively leveraged this medium in 2013.

1. Lululemon

Lululemon is all about yoga and yoga gear. The company has captured creatively its brand identity with its Instagram clip, and is a great example of storytelling with the idea of every mat has a story to tell .If you weren’t aware of Lululemon, this short video definitely gives you the essence of the brand’s identity and its personality!

2. Charity Water

This video helps bring its mission to life by telling a story of a woman who has been helped by the non-profit organization. With this video it very simply brings out the brutal truth of water not being available to all and creates awareness– the non-profit organization uses both the video and the caption to tell the story. It is very well crafted and creates an emotional connect with their audiences.

3. Burberry

With this video the brand makes it seem like a commercial shot behind the scenes of what happens in a fashion show. To showcase their next fashion show, Burberry compiles quick clips of the location, models, and even a few pieces from its collection. This is a great behind the scenes story which makes their audiences see how it all goes down during the show and makes them feel a part of it!

4. General Electric

Featuring an engine during a “water ingestion test,” It’s something that most people wouldn’t see in their daily lives. It makes you go wow! Even if you don’t understand the technical know-how, you will definitely stop and watch this video for 15 seconds it’s a great behind the scenes video.

5. Gap

This video by Gap is a simple drawing of a crossword puzzle with a peek of Gap jeans, yet it still conveys the brand presence of Gap very well. It’s a great video and showcases the idea of thinking outside the box; if you are showcasing clothes you don’t always need models to draw attention to your videos!

6. BMW

BMW does an excellent job of celebrating its past and future car models on Instagram. They showcase their rich history with classic photos and tease their new releases with stunning videos such as this video below and making everyone go ‘Wow’. And even promoting their hashtag for their new car #BMWi8!

7. MTV

MTV is not as rampant as it was in the 90’s but now it’s slowly climbing the charts again with their social media presence. Their strategy of posting a need to know video with the top three headlines in music entertainment news, tagged with the hashtag #NeedToKnow. It is a simple and brilliant, it’s a great tactic and move by a media company to establish themselves on Social media by sharing little bits of news regarding celebrities and music industry!

8. Jamie Oliver

World-renowned chef, best-selling author, and TV personality Jamie Oliver takes advantage of all 15 seconds in his Instagram videos, using them as commercials to encourage fans to watch his TV show Jamie’s Money Saving Meals. He also uses the hashtag #savewithjamie, and at the same time even promoting his book which is Save with Jamie, a great marketing tactic.

9. Starbucks

A great and excellent way it has been shot and a great 15 second video example. Their well crafted editing and simple message delivered. It captures the warm spirit of their company in these videos. And who doesn’t need their daily dose of caffeine? We most certainly do!

10. Dogfish Head Beer

Dogfish Head has always done great creative’s when it comes to showcasing its produce. In 2011, early to the GIF trend, the beer brand used cinemagraphs to showcase its beer-making process. This Instagram video also shows a behind-the-scenes look at beer making, it showcases their users of how they are making it and in a way makes it intimate for their users and increases their awareness of how they are getting their chilled beer.

11. The Art of Selfie

Actress, singer Ashley Tisdale, gave a tutorial of how to pose for a “Selfie”. This video is hilarious and to-the-point which mocks fun at the selfie pose, enough with the selfie we hope!

12. Kitty Revenge

We can never get bored of cat humor, and this video is extremely funny will actually make you snort with laughter! Hilarious video.

13. Santa

With everything changing these days, and the holiday season looming ahead! We don’t think Santa wants to be left behind in this list. A very funny video and Santa has definitely chosen a new Christmas Carol, a rap song maybe?

14. Madonna

She is a sensation and a brand by herself. And she definitely still has it in her, with this video it’s a great way to connect with the fans and always be there!

15. Ben & Jerry’s

The fifteen seconds of crumbly graham crackers, creamy caramel, and cream being made into ice cream will make everyone’s mouth water. Ben & Jerry’s uses Instagram video to provide a tour into the flavor lab that not only makes one hungry and want to go buy the product and eat it that instant , but it even shows a great behind the scenes footage of how the ice cream is being made!

In the world of Social Media(constant change), it’s important for businesses to remember that when it comes to attracting an audience, ‘short’ and ‘attention-grabbing’ are the two most valuable words to keep in mind and that is what you can do with Instagram videos retain your audience’s attention for 15 seconds. This is our list of some great ways brands have leveraged Instagram videos in 2013.

Your turn

What are your favorite brands doing well with Instagram videos? Please share your favorites with us in the comments section below.

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