10 key Infographics you should check right away!

Infographics are a great way to present a wealth of information on social media, without overwhelming your audiences. This visual trend of data visualization is just getting warmed up, as more and more companies are sharing vital pieces of information in layers and sub layers of an Infographic.

As 2014 is coming to an end, and before we ring in the New Year. I’ve decided to share with you a list of 10 best infographics of 2014, which share such valuable insights on various facets of social media marketing which are vital to know before you say goodbye to this year!

1. Marketing Predictions for 2015

best infographic 2014 predictions 2015

It is that time of the year again, where businesses start brainstorming with their team members for next year’s plan so they receive an edge in comparison to their competitors. But to help, up the ante of your marketing efforts this infographic shared by Media Bistro lists down the top 10 marketing predictions for 2015. This in turn is narrowing down the search for you, so you can straight away incorporate it in your strategy.

2. Social Media Statistics, Facts & Figures

The response this interactive infographic has received has truly humbled us at DI and we couldn’t ask for more, as we are all about sharing in-depth insights. These social statistics and facts 2014 will help you make more informed decision when it comes to your social media strategy. And will keep up on the right track of tapping those platforms which will yield your businesses positive results.

3. Holiday Marketing Trends

best infographic 2014 social media holiday trends

Holidays are that time of the year, where your website traffic and sales double. This infographic shared by Hubspot will help you plan your holidays marketing campaigns more appropriately, with the information mentioned on the basis of how other marketers are prioritizing and thinking about social media this holiday season. Thus giving you the edge above others!

4. Guide to Facebook Advertising

best infographic 2014 Facebook advertising

Facebook is the largest social network with over 1 billion monthly active users; the question is how do you reach your customers amongst so much crowd? In this guide of Facebook advertising shared by Inside Facebook will help you select the right of type of Facebook Ads for your business. And it imparts a very important point, what may work for other businesses may not work for you; so a bit of trial and error is constantly required.

5. The Surge of Visual Content

best infographic 2014 visual world

All of us have heard the age old phrase “Content is the king,” and with social media constantly evolving now another word is inadvertently added “Visual Content.” It has been the emerging trend this year, and affirms it with inclusion of various visual features on major social networks. This infographic by Ethos3 not only highlights the importance of visual content, but even mentions how you can leverage those various platforms effectively.

6. Creating a Responsive Email Design

best infographic 2014 responsive designs

We live in the Smartphone age now, where the first thing when we wake up in the morning and do is check our WhatsApp/emails. Thus it is crucial for marketers to understand this and develop a responsive email design. In this infographic shared by KISSmetrics, will enable you to develop a perfect email with all the essential elements needed to help receive that high click through rates!

7. The Optimal length of Social Media Posts

best infographic 2014 internet in zoo

In this infographic by Buffer blog shares valuable tips on how to craft the perfect post for each of the major social media platforms. These tips will help give your content marketing efforts that extra boost and visibility. And in turn makes you stand out from all that noise!

8. Rise of Video Marketing

best infographic 2014 video marketing

Video marketing has taken the content creation world by a storm; you will have to do more than just to understand its importance. This infographic shared by Marketing Tech blog- highlights the importance of video marketing which is backed by important stats, how the users are viewing this content and lastly how you can leverage the power of videos in your content strategy.

9. Social Media Image Sizing Guide

best infographic 2014 social media sizes

Every social network brings forth changes to its posting style or algorithm so to improve their users and businesses experience. But keeping up with these constant changes can be a challenge, thus this infographic by Digital Telepathy shares the proper image sizing dimensions for all social networks and other additional tips. With these insights you can adhere to these details, which will help you define & establish your brands voice and reputation.

10. Why You Need Social Media Customer Service

best infographic 2014 customer service

This infographic by Gryffin Media highlights the key statistics and figures which illustrate the importance of customer service on social media which every brand should adapt. And even provides tips on how you can take your customer relations to the next level with their 4 step process. Customer service is not an option anymore, your brand has to set up an effective strategy in place to tackle all their problems and provide instant solutions.

The infographics mentioned above not only educates, but also inspires action to create and promote such eye-catching infographics. They are a great source to get your brand’s message across no matter how complex the information is, as it is well understood by your audiences.

Which have been your favourite Infographics of 2014? Please do share your comments with us below.

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