5 Social Media lessons from Bigg Boss

India has the fastest growing population of Youth in the world. The entertainment industry also much depends on the taste of youth. Every season of a reality show has something new for the audience, targeting the youth or the family audience. The tasks in any show make it more attractive and eye grabbing for its audience and attracting new ones but without proper engagement with the audience, no show can have proper success. Roadies is the perfect example of audience engagement and making them feel associated with the show, that has various tasks, game plans and beautiful locations. Apart from being present on the channel, it is also available with the audience on Digital Platform as well. The success of Roadies is huge in terms of a promising reality show for the youth, but it might have a ‘Bigger’ competition.

bigg boss social media

BIGG BOSS one of the most scintillating eye grabber & most talked about show on the Television is ruling as always. Along with the host, the contestants have taken the show way ahead leaving behind the competitors KBC & Champions League T20. The concept of Heaven & Hell in the Season 7 of Bigg Boss is making more audience follow the show. The contestants this time are more competitive, ambitious, firm and better planners. The 3 month long show has just started and is all over the social media with huge audience talking about it, comparing the contestants and having fun joking over many.

This Bigg Boss has humour, tasks, fights, romance and double voting as before who goes out of the house, they need to decide who stays in Heaven & who stays in Hell. These are some of the factors that are making Bigg Boss a Bigger reality TV show targeting the Youth as well as the Family Audience and a Bigger Brand to be associated with.

Let’s have a look at 5 Social Media lessons from Bigg Boss

1. The Face

The face of Bigg Boss, host Salman Khan, the one who turned Bigg Boss into a bigger attraction since he got associated with the 4th Season of the show. Apart from dominating newspapers, television and radio channels he rules the social media as well. Salman surpasses megastar Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan with clear distinction on Social Media. Everyone’s dream bodyguard Salman Khan has 9,865,587 fans on Facebook, 5,093,694 followers on Twitter, 60,567 videos on YouTube, 577,919 followers on twitter fan clubs, 757,057 fans on Facebook fan clubs and 2,774 followers on Google+.

bigg boss Facebook

Bigg Boss is teaching here that any brand apart from every other thing should have a face with whom the audience can connect. The channel gets more viewers on the two days that Superstar Salman Khan hosts in comparison to the five days of Real Life Drama by the contestants.

The youth promising show Roadies has always been present on every media and has enormous fan following due to its tasks and 24X7 presence with the audience, but Bigg Boss is turning every stone to become bigger than any other reality show. There have been contestants from Roadies fame coming to the Bigg Boss house like Ashutosh, Vishal and this time if it is to be believed, after coming twice on Roadies, winning the 10th Season of Roadies, appearing in another reality show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao ‘Palak Johal’ will be entering the Bigg Boss 7 house.

So, taking all these factors, plus the fact that faces of all reality shows on Indian Entertainment Channels if summed together then also cannot beat the fan base of Biig Boss face Salman Khan. It may be the reason that the official Facebook page of all-time favourite Roadies has 7.1 million fans where Bigg Boss 7 show alone has 2.7 million fans.

2. Brand Matters

The fan list of gossip hunters, Salman Khan lovers and contestants get associated with any brand getting associated with Bigg Boss. The mass appeal instilled by Salman Khan and the interesting format of the show have been the key reasons for brands to associate with the property. So, now any brand getting associated with Bigg Boss knows this fact that the fan base it will get to target will be huge.

bigg boss contestants

The popularity of Bigg Boss can be witnessed by the fact that Bigg Boss uploads all episodes after being telecasted on television and an episode of 45 minutes on YouTube has 8 advertisements  and none of them can be skipped.

bigg boss youtube

The yellow marks on the screenshot above are marks, where advertisements have been placed. The screenshots shown below show the timing, where suddenly between a lovey-dovey conversation of Bigg Boss contestants Gauhar & Kushal, a TV Commercial pops up.

bigg boss youtube

Despite the controversies and moral arguments, viewers and advertisers keep flocking back for every season of Bigg Boss. Public discussions start with stories about the contestants, controversy about the choice of housemates, the language they use, the way they portray themselves and what they wear.

As per Afaqs recent article – the presenting sponsor for Bigg Boss pays Rs. 22-25 crore, while the powered by sponsor lands up paying 25 per cent less money than the presenting sponsor, each associate sponsor pays Rs. 12-15 crore, Spot rates range from Rs. 2.7-3.1 lakh per 10 seconds in episodes that feature Salman Khan, while other episodes command Rs. 1.7-2 lakh per 10 seconds.

3. Celebrity Neighbour

Social Media these days is filled with overwhelming response for Bigg Boss as the contestants have made a place in the heart & minds of the audience.

The public has always been interested in the neighbour’s story and Bigg Boss provides them that thing plus if the neighbour is a known face already then the gossip gets more interesting. Counting on these topics only Colours TV show Bigg Boss is all over the social media, where there are discussion platforms about the tasks, behaviour, nominations and other interesting things of the house. The social media has become a huge factor in making reality shows Bigger as now the audience gets a platform to interact or discuss over the happenings of the show.

Bigg Boss teaches all the shows that having celebrity involvement is a major factor that makes your reality show a Bigger brand, a brand that everybody wants to get associated with.

4. Attract and Engage!

Bigg Boss through Social Media has a 24×7 presence and engagement with its audience. Updates and in house gossips are available on the Facebook page of Bigg Boss, which in its first three weeks has 2.7 million likes.

Everyone in front of the television wants to get entertained and Bigg Boss is a complete package for the audience. It is not only present for that 1 hour (9pm to 10pm) every night but it also has a remarkable presence on the social media. Keeping the audience engaged always everywhere, is a huge factor in being the talk of the town.

bigg boss engagement

This season has something different but not only the Hell & Heaven concept but also the tasks that have to be performed by the house mates. The example of the quality of tasks in the 7th season is Mohawk hairstyle of Apurva Agnihotri and Sangram Singh along with the Cow Dung task of Ratan Rajput and the Electric Shock task of Pratyusha Banerjee to name a few.

The tasks are not present in every reality show and that too these kind of daring tasks but now even Bigg Boss has them and this will help it captivate more viewers.

5. Humor

Entertainment industry and the audience are complimentary to each other. The audience will always remain the king for the entertainment industry and to stay connected with the audience not something but everything should be practised. Bigg Boss 7 has all the ingredients that are needed for making a reality show Bigger than others. The emotional connect, the planning, controversies are there with Bigg Boss always but this time the show is also trying to hit the humours chords of its audience by putting up cartoons for the happenings of the house.

bigg boss jokes

The cartoons available on the Facebook page of Bigg Boss are a terrific way of keeping the audience engaged with the show even when the show is not aired. This teaches that the omnipresence of a reality show should always be there to keep the viewers talking about the show and recall the brand name. Social Media is the best way to publicize the humour of the show as it never lets the show down but it gives an edge over the competitors.

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