Bournvita Quiz Contest celebrates 40 Years with #IndiaPlaysBQC

I remember as a child, being glued to my television set on a sunday morning to catch up with Derek O Brien who hosted the Bournvita Quiz Contest. The quiz pattern along with the excitement was one of the reasons it was one of the most popular shows to come out of India. BQC as it is popularly known was started in 1972 and was originally held live in cities to be later adopted into a Radio Show. The show generated momentum when it was first aired on Television on Zee TV in 1992.

40 Years later, the show has returned to be aired on Colors TV from 4th August,2013. The pattern remains the same with the same host, but this time it aims for an all india participation. This participation is what they are aiming for through social media and technology. The viewers of the show can get a chance to participate sitting in their homes on a sunday morning live through social media and mobile.

Viewers with access to a smartphone can download the app on Google Play or iOS devices to enable live participation through the application. The login can be done through your Facebook or Twitter ID’s. You can start playing through the app during the live telecast of the show in real-time as soon as Derek asks the question on the TV screen. All you have to do is respond faster than any of the participants on TV or those playing with you can. To gamify this concept, a leaderboard would be displayed on their Facebook page. And if you have missed the show live, you can always click on ‘prepare’ to answer 10 questions. You would have to select the answer out of 4 options and hit the buzzer before it hits the 30 second timer. And although i fared poorly for the first time (3/10), i will keep trying to get a decent score.

BQC Application Steps To PlayBQC App Login Screen

The show’s Twitter handle also created a hashtag #IndiaPlaysBQC prior to the broadcast of the show, which was trending till today evening as users seemed pretty excited to participate in the contest through Twitter. All they had to do was tag their one Twitter friend with whom they would like to participate in BQC using the hashtag #IndiaPlaysBQC and tag and follow their official Twitter handle. The quiz had 10 winners to be declared and this ensure maximum participation from the Twitter community.

The Facebook page boasting of 0.5 Million fans also created the necessary buzz for the audience by encouraging fans to download the application and participate on Twitter for the hashtag contest. The Facebook page is also posting questions based posts which again is generating enthusiasm among the fans to participate BQC’s YouTube Channel has also generated more than 0.8 Million views for videos uploaded on their channel ranging from promos to how to play BQC live with your mobile. You can also visit the BQC website to view the leader-board after the show and also view the 40 Year old StoryBook which opens in a fancy storybook visual asking you questions ranging from the incidents of the past 40 years.

Bournvita Quiz Contest Website

Many TV shows have started adopting social media and apps as a ‘second screen’ concept which enables their viewers to not only view but also participate leveraging the technology. In the age when an average user is using multiple devices at the same time (watching TV and using his smartphone), i am sure many more Indian TV shows will follow the same concept. As far as BQC goes, i really like how they have gamified this whole concept and brought in social media and apps in the mix of things.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”ViWF15DPlYI”]

What do you think about the re-opening of BQC?

Are you going to play it on your mobile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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  • Harsh Ajmera

    I don’t know about me playing it on mobile, but I am sure that this video is not that great. Could have been better to attract more eyeballs.

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  • Poyan Nahrvar

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get old episodes of Bournvita Quiz Contest? I am willing to do absolutely whatever it takes to get these videos.

    My wife was a finalist and she has long lost the videos of the show. I want to surprise her for her 30th birthday. She would be absolutely ecstatic to see the video.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you,

    • Digital Insights

      Hi @poyannahrvar:disqus, Can you give us a hint on date/episode/other details. We can check with our concerned sources.

      • Poyan Nahrvar

        I have been looking for this video for over a year. If you could in any way help me find it I would be unbelievably overjoyed and extremely grateful.

      • Poyan Nahrvar

        I believe it was 1998 season (but I may be off by 1 year). My wife’s name is Anjali and she represented St Mary’s (Delhi). I think she went all the way to the final.

        • Digital Insights

          We tried to get the video for you, we also contacted Derek who hosts the show. Waiting for his response. If you want you can also request him on Twitter here

          • Poyan Nahrvar

            Thank you so much. I highly appreciate your efforts. I have already tried contacting Mr O’Brien. Unfortunately he has not gotten back to me. Perhaps he will get back to you.

            If anyone has any other ideas please email me at

  • Jayesh Potlabattini

    neither of video you can show her pics. search in google for pics of the year in which she had gone