Is your Brand Obsessed with Social Media numbers?

I have been working with Brands to promote them on Social Media, to engage with their fans and followers, to take care of their online reputation and there is one thing that I have noticed about most of the brands ‘Social Media numbers’. Every brand wants to get more likes, more followers, more connections as compared to their competitors. And when they reach on the top of the list, they burn money to sustain that media obsession

I wonder why some brands don’t think about more engagement, more value, and better relationship with their fans and followers. Just getting those thousands and millions of fans on Facebook is not enough, you will hardly reach only 10-16% of them or even less than that unless you have mastered Facebook Edgerank and using Facebook Ads. Getting thousands of followers on Twitter is not a big task and specially if you are using fraud sources and agencies, you might end-up bots following you and they will never interact with your Brand.

Here are few of the examples that I just stumbled upon-

Vodafone and Tata Docomo are one of the major players in Indian Telecom Industry, they have 100K+ and 85K+ followers on Twitter. That’s a huge number, isn’t it? But look at there Fakers score, it shows only 10% of their followers are active and good.

telecom social media india

Technology Companies like Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, HCL have been doing great work when it comes to developing softwares and web applications. But I wonder why they didn’t use their analyzing skills while choosing a Social Media agency for them. HCL Technologies and Wipro have 123K+ and 121K+ followers on Twitter, and here is their Fakers count.

tech companies social media india

Now this part is most interesting as Brands like Times of India, NDTV, Hindustan Times and other news and newspaper channels earn loads and lots of money showcasing their readers and followers to advertisers. Oh yeah! you have impressive numbers with Times of India having 869K+, NDTV has some 1,029K+ and Hindustan Times has some 460K+ followers on Twitter but your Faker Score sucks.

news channel social media india

Thanks to this amazing service @FakerScores that analyzes your Twitter account and shows you the real picture.

Every brand is racing to be the first in terms of these Social Media numbers rather than engagement level, think about the long term ROI, think about changes we see everyday on these Social Media platforms. My recommendations are, first to build a good Social Media strategy and then the content bucket that suits your target audience, with which user can connect and engage. Make your fans and followers feel that they are talking to a person and not a brand, make them feel attached.

I will share some tips for developing a long term relation with your fans and followers in one of my next posts, meanwhile you can also check out some amazing Facebook tips by KimGarst to promote your Facebook Page.

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