Cadbury Silk tests the #SilkEffect with their Fans on Social Media

Chocolate is loved by all and admit it, when you do see someone eating a chocolate you do think of buying/sharing one yourself. Cadbury is one brand which is synonymous with Chocolate Industry in India and has a huge presence on social media. They have dedicated pages for each of their popular offerings on Facebook (Bournville, Dairy Milk , Celebrations, Silk) with more than 17 Million fans on Facebook clubbed together. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has come up with a social experiment which they have shared with their fans on social media alike.

The #SilkEffect Revealed:

The social experiment which they call the ‘Silk Effect’ has been featured on their YouTube Channel and has received more than 507K views already. The video features two actors (a man and a woman) inside an elevator and were asked to eat Cadbury Silk in the familiar manner the ads show them (the creamy-chocolaty and messy way). How it was a Social experiment you ask? Cameras were fitted in the elevator to capture the moods and expressions of those travelling in the lift with them. Some amused, some sharing the chocolate with them and some even walking away with the Silk. All of this has then been captured into a video and put up by the brand on YouTube. The video perfectly captured different emotions of how people react in public when someone is eating a chocolate besides them (well, i have tried that once myself). And more importantly gives out the message to enjoy the product (Cadbury Silk) anywhere,anytime irrespective of surroundings (because chocolates don’t generally need occasions).

The same message has been promoted on their Facebook and Twitter accounts with the hashtag ‘#SilkEffect’. The comments on YouTube are mostly positive (people complementing the great music but not so much for the message). The video shared on Cadbury Silk’s Facebook community has already got more than 5K shares and 37K likes. The Facebook page has been busy asking the fans what they feel about the reactions and asking the fans to tag their friends who feel similar reactions to invoke virality. The conversations on Twitter were promoted with #SilkEffect asking users random questions around the product. This generated more than 7,000 conversations with the hashtag on Twitter (Source: Topsy). Some tweets from Twitter influencers also helped the hashtag to trend in India for a couple of days.

Cadbury has always been one of the better brands when it comes to Indian Social Media campaigns with the likes of T20 ShubhAaarambh League. This new social experiment feels to be providing a connection between users and their love for chocolate.I won’t be surprised if the viewers after watching the video/message on their social media communities would actually go and eat their share of Silk (the effects of chocolate on people).

What do you think about the Cadbury Silk’s new social experiment? Did you feel the #SilkEffect? Here is the video in case you haven’t watched it yet

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