How @CafeCoffeeDay started leveraging #Worldcup 2014 on Twitter

With people all over the globe getting gripped by the #Worldcup 2014 football fever, social media is on the top; specially Twitter! Twitter has also created a special way to promote #WorldCup hashtag, encouraging people to tweet whilst watching the game. This is the right time for brands to leverage this moment, talk about football, engage with lovers and keep talking with them about various matches! I see many brands understanding the power of this event and integrating it with their Online efforts. One of them is Cafe Coffee Day, a quick and effective start.

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About The Campaign

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) one of India’s largest coffee conglomerate were amongst the first to be part of the World Cup 2014, they created a quiz about football for the fans.

Quick Details

The quiz took place on 11th June 2014, a day prior to the world cup from 2pm – 8 pm. This contest was open to people residing only in India, to participate in the contest users had to follow @CafeCoffeeDay page on Twitter, use the hashtag #CCDFootballQuiz then only the fans were qualified to participate. 10 winners were announced, and each one of them won Rs.1000 moments card from CCD.


Started with stating the rules clearly, Cafe Coffee Day asked 10 questions relating to football and announced the winner after each question. Due to the exciting perk they provided it led to lot participation. At the end of the contest they asked their followers the thoughts about this contest, and how they would feel about such similar contest if were to take place!

In-depth Campaign Analysis

To get a better understanding of the contest by – The metrics, and how many people participated, their sentiments and so on. To get all the answers in detail we powered our research with the help of Talkwalker.

Overall Results

ccd football campaign

The total level of interaction surrounding this contest as you can see in the graph below peaked the most on 11th June 2014 the day they ran the quiz. Ripples of conversations were created post the contest thus the level of engagement remained high all through from 11th June – 12th June. To receive better engagement, they should have pre-campaigned about the contest a few days prior to create awareness, excitement, and more visibility.


ccd football sentiment

The sentiment following this quiz has mainly remained positive & Neutral as the followers were given a chance to participate to “win” thus that provokes only the following sentiment – Positive & neutral. The negative reaction must be propelled by those who may not won mainly, and using the hashtag to recount other football memories.

Word Cloud

ccd football reach

As this contest was centered on the world cup, all the topics surrounding the conversation were about the various football players, CCD and so on. As it can be seen everyone on Twitter during this contest, diligently spoke about football thus it does not have inclusion of other topics, the flow was constantly in the direction of the quiz and football.


As it was a Twitter only contest, these are the following influencers who sparked most engagement, participation and visibility around this contest.

ccd football influencers

Some tweets from the Contest

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