Castrol Biking is looking for ‘Biker of the Year’ through Social Media

Nothing unites the majority of the male population than cars and bikes (and technology in general), and nothing unites the female more than shopping. You can always find Bike enthusiasts in deep conversations regarding what they think are the best/worst features of each bike. And when Castrol is trying to bring that conversation on social media, you know they have the right audience for it on Facebook and Twitter. Castrol is looking out for ‘Biker of the Year 2013’ and it has chosen Facebook as one of the platforms to do so.

So what exactly is the ‘Biker of the Year’ concept?

According to Castrol Biking,

The Biker of the Year Awards are a recognition, an honor and a bow of respect to those individuals who have demonstrably expressed the greatest passion for motorcycling, the truest commitment towards its betterment, the highest acts of inspiration and the most far-reaching vision that propel biking above and beyond its present realm.

Bikers by nature have stories woven around their experiences and journeys they have been a part of. Castrol is providing the community a medium to share their adventurous journeys with their Brotherhood (fellow Bikers). The stories might then encourage other fellow bikers to follow suit and also help some unknown and fantastic experiences to be shared within the biking fraternity. The Facebook application on the Castrol Biking page which boasts of more than 830K Fans has been designed for the community to share their experiences via write-ups and pictures/videos for others to view and experience. In order to make sure that no one misses the chance to win big, Castrol has divided the awards in to different niche categories pertaining to different styles of biking, namely:

  • Power Biker of the Year

  • Wanderer of the Year

  • Track Racer of the Year

  • FreeStyle Biker of the Year

  • Female Biker of the Year

  • Fight-Back Biker of the Year

  • Bike Customizer of the Year

  • Angel Biker of the Year

  • MotorCycling Club of the Year

  • Rally Rider of the Year

Each award category winner would be awarded with a Golden helmet to go with it. Prizes worth Rs 150K are also for grabs for the winners of each category. It is a heavy incentive and made sure that more fans participate to win via sharing their experiences.The application is open for registration/nomination and the voting phase will be beginning from 13th August.

Castrol Biking has also come up with the slogan of making this community as the biggest biking brotherhood with ‘UBFI’ (United Bikers Flag of India). The UBFI is a community sourced flag that shall represent cohesion and unity amongst the motorcycling brotherhood.Bikers in each city and members of every motorcycling club shall sign the flaglets (the clubs shall also append their logo on the flaglets) and they shall be returned to xBhp HQ which would be then displayed at the Biker of the Year 2013 Awards Ceremony. xBHP is also running a social campaign attached with the message with Rs 50 donated for every new signature on the flag for a social cause.

Castrol Biker of the Year Facebook Application

@CastrolBiking on Twitter is using engaging hashtags like ‘#WhyBikesbeatsCars’ and ‘#IAmABikerBecause’ which is surely bound to create responses from the Biking enthusiasts and connect with the Twitter handle. According to Topsy, both the hashtags generated more than 4,000 tweets in the past week. However, their YouTube Channel is not fully utilized for the campaign and can be used further down the campaign involving the fans and featuring their stories on YouTube.

The Campaign integrated to bring out the best bikers out of the community and make them feel united is a great initiative which is taken by Castrol Biking. The month long campaign will surely generate the required buzz with the incentives and prizes up for grabs. The application designed by Iffort is also pleasing to the eye and easier to navigate.

What do you think about the ‘Biker of the Year’ initiative? Will you be participating in the contest?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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