Admins attention! Your Facebook page like count is going to dip down.

March 20, 2015

Facebook recently announced some changes to ‘Making Page Likes More Meaningful’. Facebook will be removing those accounts from page like count, who have voluntarily deactivated and memorialized their accounts. That means, these are likes that are from users who don’t use Facebook anymore. If they ever reactivate their account, then their like will auto-add to your page, […]

How Brands can leverage Facebook’s new Location Aware Ads

November 25, 2014

Facebook constantly keeps bringing about changes to its algorithm (edgerank) and adds additional functionalities so it can benefit the businesses. They launched a new ad tool on 7th October 2014, allowing businesses to target ads to users based on their specific locations, which is referred to as “Geofencing.” Now brick-and-mortar businesses will be able to […]

Facebook Tips and Tricks you should know about!

April 7, 2014

Every user on an average spends 18 minutes every day on Facebook. Facebook from being just a social platform has become a part of our everyday life. When travelling, I see people glued to their Smartphones liking/commenting on their friend’s feed to Whatsapping  each other. Technology has brought us closer in terms of communication and availability. However, with people […]

Are you ready to quit Facebook soon?

February 3, 2014

Facebook took over the social media world about six years ago, quickly becoming the biggest thing on the Internet. It has remained the “IN” thing for quite a while and the central hub for all social interactions. But now suddenly I see a lot of people leaving Facebook and there is mix of reaction when […]

5 Inspirations to boost Facebook Engagement in 2014

January 28, 2014

It’s no secret Facebook is a useful tool for businesses to connect with customers. Facebook has over a billion active users, so there are virtually endless possibilities for new connections and sales leads. There are a variety of tactics businesses use to increase user engagement, and they are often very successful. In fact, according to […]

How to measure your Facebook Page with Facebook Insights

December 30, 2013

Facebook Insights is one of the most important features of the whole Facebook experience for Brands. Facebook Insights have undergone a lot of changes since being introduced from 2011 and have introduced new features every-time to make it easier for Marketing Teams to understand their audience. The Facebook insights Dashboard is a good indication for […]