5 Kickass ideas how Travel Brands can leverage Twitter?

February 25, 2015

Passport? check, Bags? check, Phone charged? check, Instagram? check, Twitter? check. Does this resemble to your target audience? The niche you want to interact with on social media? Great, I have some cool ideas how a Travel brand like you can use Twitter effeciently. Also these insights from Twitter [infographic link], clearly showcase that from research to […]

7 kickass Twitter post ideas to spark engagement

November 27, 2014

Twitter works on three basic things- understanding how it actually works, listening to your target audience and Tweeting right content at right time. The first two are individual choices and skills, but the third one is tricky because it also includes what to Tweet? This can be enhanced by various measures. Here I have tried […]

Top 10 most active & followed Twitter users

August 22, 2014

From being in the shadow of Facebook for a long time, Twitter has come a long way to be one of the most active networks for networking and the primary source of news. Many celebrities started flocking to the micro-blogging site which helped Twitter to rise in popularity especially in the United States. Here we […]