7 tips to give your Landing Pages a WOW effect

Have you ever visited a webpage and immediately clicked the “back” button to leave it because it wasn’t appealing to you? The way your brands WebPages look, whether it’s your homepage, blog or press releases make a difference in who arrives, who stays and even who buys.

I remember me sharing tips for successful Online Campaigns with more conversions. And we got some amazing response from people asking about How they can create some good Landing Pages for their campaigns and other online activities and that’s how I am sharing some important tips here.

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First impressions are particularly important online – you have only seconds to get your message across. There are plenty of rules and principles of great design but when it comes to a website’s landing page; it is almost an exact science. It’s using the design of the landing page to persuade a user towards a particular action. Having an attractive, relevant and well executed landing page is critical for online marketing strategy. With all of that in mind, we are listing few points with all the essential ingredients to create a great landing page.

1. Make Sure Your Landing Pages are Technically Optimized

Before web designers can actually create a landing page, a full team of SEO experts and web development professionals should make sure that everything is technically optimized. What does this mean? When internet users run a query on search engines, you would want to let them know that clicking on your ad or link will direct them to the right place.

Technically optimizing your landing pages include the following: making sure that you are using the proper title tags, wisely using metadata, using open graph metatags, utilizing the appropriate URL composition and taking into consideration that your page will be shared on social media and you might also advertise. Don’t forget to check the recent changes in Facebook ad image sizes.

2. Create a great 1st impression with Design

So, what’s the first thing you notice about a website after opening its URL? It’s the design! The first thing that gets noticed by an incoming visitor, it is imperative that you make the landing page design both attractive and easy to understand. As the book is being judged by its cover, similarly the brand with the landing page! A well-designed page increases the chances that visitors will stay longer on your page and consequently click due to the page’s appeal. 46% of Web sales are lost on websites that lack the critical elements that build value and trust with website visitors. Now that’s a number you can’t mess with!

3. Catchy Headlines

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Once your visitor is on your webpage, that doesn’t mean you have won. Here comes the main part most people abandon the webpage within 8 seconds! So it’s imperative you have a catchy, attractive headline which shouts out to the visitor that they are in the right place. So be clear and concentrate in what you are offering to them, be specific and brief. If you beat around the bush, it’s going to confuse them and make them leave the webpage!

4. Content is the Key

Once you have hooked them with your headlines, it’s time to land them with your content! The content of your landing page should be like a brand narration for the visitors. You should be able to leverage on your audience’s motivations – their fears, their needs, their desires, their curiosity and use them to come up with persuasive copy that is short, crisp, but nevertheless, highly impactful. If content is the “Key”, then clarity is the “Door” always be clear and precise.

5. Be Visual

Images and other media content such as video, audio and animation clips also form an important part of landing page. Plus, people like to read “captions” under your images almost as much as they read your headlines. So, add powerful captions and make your images clickable to the order/sign up page. A study states that Video’s on landing pages increases conversion by 80%. So with fewer words and a creative video/image, lets the visitors be visually delighted and increase your webpage traffic.

6. Strong Call-to-Action

Your call to action basically tells your audience what you want them to do, whether it’s to buy your product, avail of your services, and subscribe to your newsletter. Be more creative than the “Order Now” or “Subscribe Now.”Visitors respond well to how you say things, then what you say. And since the offer is the Call-to-action, let it be so visually as well as content wise be so appealing that they are drawn to it.

7. Integrate your various online Properties

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest, use them to your benefit. Therefore, by embracing the power of social media and blending it with your landing pages will benefit you on multiple fronts. Include multiple social media sharing buttons on each of your landing pages; with this it raises awareness for your brand. And gives them many platforms to follow your brand and be informed.

Thus with a well-designed page and keeping all these ingredients in mind can make a difference between the user buying the product or losing interest. Here are Examples of websites that have got it right.

Gift Rocket’s beautifully designed landing page features an illustrated image, which is surrounded by icons of all the different products and services that are available for purchase. But it’s that single, prominent ‘Send a Gift Rocket’ button, in eye-catching gold out of a pale beige background, that draws the attention as a single-purpose entry point, provided the bullet points convince you to do so, of course. If not, you can always scroll down the page for more information, testimonials and social buttons as well. And testimonials do wonders at times, specially when it’s coming from industry experts.

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A great example of how to sell an app based on an easy-to-digest breakdown of its key features, this landing page design for Everest splits into two vertical panes. The minimal left-hand pane contains a logo, an intriguing strap line (“Live your dreams”, complete with constantly updating examples), and a clear call to action in a turquoise button out of white. On the right-hand pane, a mock-up of the Everest interface on an iPhone toggles through its main features, with annotations picking out highlights. Ultimately, the goal is to channel users towards the App Store.

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So there you have it, ways to make your landing page effective so it drives your business. Landing page is something which you need to work on always; you can’t launch and keep checking your email for new acquisitions. It’s a continuous process of tweaking as per change in customer’s demand and product type. With all the ingredients above you’ll have a landing page that works hard for your business and gets you real results.

Your turn

Have you created any landing pages for your campaigns? Mind sharing what had worked for you? Share it with us in the comments section below.

A social media and web tech enthusiast. I keep myself busy with building social media strategies, tactics, exploring new platforms and sharing the best of my knowledge online. I like to play basketball and football.

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  • Nitin Luthra

    Great Insights Harsh but you have missed out on a very big aspect that is trust building. You need Testimonials and success stories for that. This might not be the case always but if you’re selling products and services you need to provide trust building factors

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Hi Nitin, appreciate your inputs and yes I totally agree that testimonials/success stories are good to have features. But as you rightly said they might not be suitable for all the cases, we didn’t mention it as a separate #tip here and included it in the GiftRocket example if you see.

      I am sure, for some products and services testimonials can play a great role!
      Thanks again for taking time and contributing here :)

      • Nitin Luthra

        Harsh, I read that you mentioned the point on GIftRocket but in my opinion it has a greater importance and deserves a separate #tip.

        Good going otherwise Harsh,
        Loving the continuous effort and the result – SOME OF THE BEST DIGITAL INSIGHTS.

        • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

          As I mentioned before, I do agree testimonials can really be helpful in some cases.
          Thanks Nitin for kind words, still a long way to go.
          Your support is much needed :)

  • http://reginaldchan.net/ Reginald Chan Xin Yon

    Hey Harsh,

    Well written indeed. I got to agree with Nitin though. Have a nice and soft spot for testimonials and you will see your traffic (and trust) grow over board.

    If you get what I mean :)


    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Thanks @nicregi:disqus for taking time and commenting here.
      I am totally with both of you guys, I have seen the impact on some of my campaigns personally and that is why I mentioned it that they can do wonders.

      But, have also seen where even the testimonials couldn’t help! though the product was also not that great :)

      Thanks again for commenting and sharing!

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  • Spook SEO

    Your defined key points are quite effective and useful too while designing and optimizing the website for getting the WOW effect. User experience matters a lot for the success of any website so better to pay attention to the landing page as well as the internal pages. Better to mange every thing on the landing page at the most suitable place to draw attention of the visitor .

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Totally agree with you, like you can judge a book from its cover! The success of online campaigns can be judged from Landing Pages 😛

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