Disney promotes its new movie ‘Planes’ on Social Media

Dusty is a plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. But Dusty’s not exactly built for racing, and he happens to be afraid of heights. So he turns to a seasoned naval aviator, who helps Dusty qualify to take on the defending champ of the race circuit. Sound’s interesting? Well that’s the plot of Disney’s new 3D animated movie ‘Planes’. Disney being a reputed brand in the world of animations and story telling is promoting its new movie ‘Planes’ on social media to attract minds (like me) who love animation movies.

Disney India on Facebook which boasts more than 886K fans is running a contest on their Facebook application asking the users to create a paper plane (in sync with their theme for the movie), click a picture and share it with them. The winners stand a chance to win ‘awesome Plane hampers’ and also get a chance to get featured on their Facebook page. The contest would be run by the Brand till 30th August and the fans need to be of 18 years or older to participate. Disney Fans have also been given a chance to replicate the cast of the ‘Planes’ movie under the ‘Downloads’ section where they can download the PDF with instructions as to how to start creating paper planes from scratch.

 Disney Planes Facebook application

The application seems to be in sync with the theme of the movie and bring out the creativity among the fans to generate the necessary excitement required before the release. You can also view the entries submitted by other users via the ‘Gallery’ feature. The application as of yet doesn’t bank upon the social voting feature which many brands seem to be pushing to generate virality among their friends of fans. The links shared for the application have got a decent response (more than 300 clicks from Facebook)

@DisneyIndia also created a hashtag #IfICouldFly to generate talks within the Twitter community. The twitter community of more than 5K followers were asked to tweet the handle their answers using the hashtag as to the tasks they wish to do if they could fly. The hashtag has received close to 5,000 mentions (Source: Topsy).Both their Twitter and Facebook channels are making sure to introduce the important characters of the movie before within a post to generate curiosity among their community.

Here’s the question once again! What would you do if you could fly? Use #IfIcouldFly and send in your answers!

— Disney India (@DisneyIndia) August 6, 2013

DisneyIndia’s YouTube Channel is also busy showing trailers about the upcoming movie. The movie has also roped in Priyanka Chopra to sing in as ‘Ishani’ who is supposedly a girl character in the movie. The song featuring Priyanka Chopra has garnered more than 24K views on Disney’s YouTube Channel. The Channel have createds separate playlists pertaining to Planes-The Movie which has already registered close to 95K Views. Abd if you think th PDF instructions from the Facebook application weren’t enough, they also have a dedicated playlist for fans explaining the creation of paper planes of different types. This move will surely encourage the beginners to learn the art or the people who have lost touch to begin what they did best in school times in a refined way.

Disney has also made other initiatives like launching a video game before the launch of the movie (although a free Android App would have made sense too) and is trying some simple stuff to connect with it’s user base in India.

What do you think about Disney Planes? Would you be creating and submitting your paper planes yet?

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