Facebook Ads vs Promoted Posts

Unlike Google Search and Twitter, Facebook has scored high scales in terms of commercialization and it is the most transactional led social platform. The only way to get the masses engaging with your posts apart from a better Facebook EdgeRank is Facebook Ads. I am sure you are aware that these days, it does not matter how many Facebook fans you have, what matters is how many of them you manage to reach and get engaged with. Researchers suggest that if you go the organic way, you will only be able to reach out to 10-16% of your fans. Yes, there are exceptions and there is viral content, but not always.

So to reach out to a desired number of people and more, with your content strategy, you need to use Facebook Ads. You need to target the right audience at the right time (when they are active). But again, that is another pain area for many advertisers. I have heard it so many times “Facebook ad manger is so complicated” and I see people getting confused as they are used to the traditional ways of Google Adwords. Frankly, I personally don’t blame Facebook and Google. They have not made these tools for a layman, they have made these tools complicated so that you need training to be a expert there. They are minting money, it’s a business afterall.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, I have seen marketers talking and debating about stamp ads, like ads, power editor, promoted posts and sponsored stories. And it gets more difficult when you talk about which of them is best. Let me tell you, it all depends on the targeting that you want to do. Your selection criteria should not be the cost or duration rather it should always be the reach, the audience you want to be engaging with your page.

facebook ads vs promoted posts

To sum things up, Facebook Promoted Posts is a part of Facebook Ads bucket. You can still reach your existing fans without Promoted posts, it’s not something new but yes, it is something way easier to setup.

My recommendation is, if you want to acquire more fans, if you are looking for brand awareness, new customers? Facebook Ads will do that for you. But if you want to launch a new product, new service, special discount or may be an upcoming event, and you want to promote it to your existing fans then try promoted posts for faster results.

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