Common Facebook mistakes you can avoid for more engagement

Social Media is great place to connect with your peers, Facebook is the most sought after social network where everyone is vying for their customer’s attention. Anything you share on Facebook is for all to see (that is what we assume), but that also means that your mistakes can be wildly visible.

facebook mistakes

Reasons for various mistakes can be either poor content, being ignorant or lack of social media understanding. We all have heard the witty quote “What happens on Social Media, stays on Google.” And some mistakes can really alter your brands image, so let’s take a look at some Facebook mistakes which your brand should refrain from making.

1. Begging for Likes/Shares

Don’t beg for likes/shares on Facebook, rather create unique content. Don’t post ‘share if you like’ in every post of yours, once in a while it is okay! After some time it just gets plain annoying for the fans. In the meantime create engaging content, that your consumers will like without having to ask. You may just lose many of your followers with the constant nudging of ‘Like Me’ or ‘Share Me’ attitude.

2. Putting similar content daily

The main reason your fans like your brand page is they want to connect with you. The only organic way to maintain your fan-base and engage with them is through your content which needs to be original and fresh. But if you keep posting the same type of content daily, they will stop reading your post and turn a blind eye towards it or worst UNLIKE you! So spice up your content and mix your content bucket well. Use mixes of various medias involve visuals as well so it attracts the attention of your fans and they will engage with you.

3. Ignoring Facebook Insights

Facebook provides extensive insights for each posts (post level) and also for a page as a whole (page level). Things like reach, likes, and engagement can be easily tracked and measured using this tool. So if you are not making use of this in-built tool to analyze your data your are missing out on how you can make your upcoming posts better and more engaging.

Through Facebook Insights, you can easily make out which type of post (link, text, image, video) is getting more engagement. It also gives you an idea about about the best time to post, what days works better for you and other metrics.

4. Not targeting your Regional posts

Is your company coming up with an event in one part of country (specific region)? Sharing this event multiple times to all your fans (without targeting regions) may not be much interesting for fans who live far far away! Again, letting all your fans is really okay, but I am concerned about posting multiple times. It will be a good thing for the fans who can enjoy or participate in that event but not otherwise.

Think about this, you are running a 10 day event. And every day you update something about the event with proper targeting and side-by-side there is your usual content. That will make more sense right?

5. Not responding to Complaints/Negative comments

When your customers like your Facebook page, they are likely to contact you when they have queries or complaints. By ignoring these comments you are creating an image for your brand which implies you don’t care about your customers. So for every customer you don’t reply, it only aggravates them and makes them post more negative comments. If such situations are not handled well, it could well blow out of proportion and draw in a lot of negative light for your brand.

example from Club Mahindra’s Facebook Page

club mahindra Facebook

6. Ignoring Facebook Ads

Your normal posting can only make a limited impact when it comes to promoting services and campaigns. Thus take advantage of Facebook ads and promoted posts. With these ads you can attain more reach; they don’t even cost a lot of money but make a lot of difference during your marketing efforts. You can even target your ads to a specific demographic, for example – if you are in business of selling cars. You will only target the key decision markers, mostly men above 28 years and whenever they are online they will be exposed to this ad.

Your Turn

Facebook is a great communication tool for business—until the communication goes awry, and the mistake is there for everyone to see. Thus it is of utmost importance for businesses to take care and set certain guidelines so these mistakes can be easily avoided.

Have you ever committed such mistakes? Do share your views with us.

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