Why Your Facebook Organic Reach is declining? And what you can Do about it!

“Why is My Reach going down?” says a Client and you have no answer as to why is this actually happening!. Facebook on Thursday admitted in it’s new blog post that the Organic Reach of Facebook pages is on the decline (and will continue to decrease further!). Marketers are already burdened as the Fan acquisition activities for any Brand pages would not mean a thing if the Page is not reaching out to them at all.

As Facebook puts it:

Because the content in News Feed is always changing, and we’re seeing more people sharing more content, Pages will likely see changes in distribution. For many Pages, this includes a decline in organic reach. We expect this trend to continue as the competition for each story remains strong and we focus on quality.

It is no more a hidden secret that the larger your Fan base, the less Reach penetration your page is going to have (Unless it is a very popular and talked about Brand). So does that mean, Facebook acquisition of Fans is a waste of time?

Answer: Certainly Not!

Fans are not the only thing on Facebook to have. In this ever changing platform, Marketers tend to put more focus on the creatives and the platforms than the messaging theme itself. These may get them countless likes but a very little recall value (return on investment).

So how can Brands get their relevant reach back? Here are some pointers to try out:

Focus on Content

According to Facebook, People are sharing and connecting more than before and the content sharing happening on the platform has increased the competition in the NewsFeed (According to Facebook, there is an average of 1,500 possible stories to show in a News Feed at a time). In this scenario, Facebook is doing it’s best to increase relevancy on Facebook and cutting down on unwanted posts from your Newsfeed (which is resulting in dwindling your Organic Reach).

The best way to go about it is have a content marketing plan in place. Your owned content resonating with your target audience can go well if they find it really helpful. This includes what your Fans are talking about your Brand and also the broader category of it. Use your customer’s perspective and transform it in to helpful content for your fans.

Personify your Brand

Would you use Facebook and find ads only about Brands throwing products at you to buy? People come to Facebook for conversations and to know what’s happening around them. Showcasing your Top fans and letting them speak on behalf of you is the best type of Brand advocacy you can ask for.

Take advantage of that! The ‘Friend’ mode on Facebook works as a Brand but it takes time to achieve it. Be Patient and be conversational

Don’t Go Overboard with Photo Updates!

I know Studies have shown that Photos work best for Engagement and blah blah! But hey, Don’t let your every status update be a Photo based one. Mix and Match your content and experiment to see what works best for you.

In my own experience of managing Facebook Brands, I have come across as Status Updates (Plain Text ones) are the ones having the highest Organic reach attained (Not Photos, not Videos but Text Updates). .You don’t have to post a Photo to ask questions to your Fans when a simple text update is sufficient. Don’t go with the Herd,always experiment with what works across with your brand and then devise your content plan accordingly.

The blog post on KissMetrics confirms it! Below is a post example from Flipkart which occasionally do post questions related to their industry and prefer it the simple way

How Flipkart uses Facebook

 Utilize Contests and Trivia’s effectively

Facebook for a long time did not allow to run contests on Page’s Timeline and directed third party applications to do the job. However, the trend has changed and Facebook now allows Brands to run contests on Facebook Timelines and thus increase engagement and reach for the pages.

Make sure you utilize these changes and plan your contests accordingly which can reflect your Brand’s theme whenever you feel that your reach is on the decline. It can surely spur up your viral reach and make sure you have a consistent Fan base (well, atleast a part of it) always listening to you

As many marketers believe, spending on Facebook will increase as Facebook keeps tweaking it’s algorithm and you will have to start paying more (Facebook Ads) to reach out to your own Fans even though they have shown the intent to ‘Like’ you. However, i do hope the word ‘organic’ does no die on Facebook and we still have some hop for the SMB’s trying to connect to their customer base on Facebook.

What do you think of the recent changes in the Facebook NewsFeed? Drop in your thoughts in the comments below

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