Admins attention! Your Facebook page like count is going to dip down.

Facebook recently announced some changes to ‘Making Page Likes More Meaningful’. Facebook will be removing those accounts from page like count, who have voluntarily deactivated and memorialized their accounts. That means, these are likes that are from users who don’t use Facebook anymore. If they ever reactivate their account, then their like will auto-add to your page, just like before.

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Facebook had done a similar cleanup in August 2012, when they mass deleted fake Facebook accounts. That led to some pages witness massive drops in their page like count, as a lot of agencies then, were growing likes through hackers.

What does this mean and how does this affect you?

  1. You will see a dip in your Facebook page like count, over the next few weeks. Don’t worry, these are accounts that have already been inactive, so it won’t affect your engagement.
  2. Your engagement metrics will improve. Facebook already filters out likes and comments generated by deactivated or memorialized accounts on individual page posts. So this change will keep data consistent, as you will benchmark engaged audience against total number of fans – all actively logging into Facebook.
  3. Your ad targeting will be much more effective, as now a more active percentage of your audience will be tapped and served the ad. Creating a look-alike audience will also give you an improved quality audience set.
  4. A better click-through-rate on your ads, as now your ‘active’ audience will be more likely to click and engage.
  5. “I have a lot of likes, but very little engagement.” If that has been your concern, then this step will show you a more realistic picture. Inflated numbers only give you a lopsided story of your page performance. Now, you will know the real likes and a realistic engagement. And if you notice a major drop in your fan count, then it’s time to catch hold of your media agency, as, in all probabilities, they acquired the wrong audience!

This process has started since 12th March and will continue over the next few weeks. Have you noticed any drop in your page like count? Do share in the comments.

I also stumbled upon this infographic (thanks to folks from which I thought might be useful for all of you.

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