What most popular Social Media experts shared as their #FirstTweet?

Twitter is celebrating its 8 year anniversary today since its launch. We all very clearly remember when Facebook celebrated its anniversary, it created a video. Twitter also has something new in store for its users to create the same nostalgia Facebook did, by showcasing your 1st tweet you ever posted.

firsttweet social media experts

How does this work?

On the occasion of its 8th anniversary, Twitter has released a new tool to truly treat its users. As by using that tool your first tweet ever posted would be shown to you! You can even check the first tweets of your friends, acquaintances, favourite celebrities and so on.

You can do so with help of this #FirstTweet tool. And you would immediately see the first ever tweet you posted since you opened your account and you can share the same with your followers. Awesome right!

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I thought of collating some of the #FirstTweets sent out by most popular ‘Social Media power users/experts’ which is embedded in the slideshow below. And I found some of them are really really cool, specially Jon Loomer and Aaron Lee!

Your turn

What was your #FirstTweet? Share the link below in comments. You can also share which tweet from the above list you enjoyed the most?

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  • http://www.feldmancreative.com/ Barry Feldman

    In looking at the “x years ago,” I’ve concluded I’m the latest adapter.

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      Ohh totally you did Barry! So glad to see your comment here! Thanks

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  • http://www.savvycapitalist.blogspot.com TedCoine

    Harsh, that’s awesome, thanks for creating and sharing this. I think it’s really funny that my first tweet 5 years ago was to show peeve at Comcast’s poor customer experience, and they’re STILL atop the Hall of Shame. Le plus la change, le plus la meme chose.

    • http://blog.digitalinsights.in/ Harsh Ajmera

      What I noticed is you where using the platform for a good purpose, where people like me where either not there or where still trying to figure out how it works :)
      Thank you so much @TedCoine:disqus for your time here.

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  • http://www.pixelcrayons.com/ Mark Wilston

    It’s an amazing post. I have never found any such post over web. My first tweet was not very creative but not boring as well- https://twitter.com/markwilston/status/418635301213310976