How Google+ is beneficial for your Brand

Google+ had a hard time getting more users there and keeping the kind of engagement is there on Facebook and Twitter. Google+ is still considered as a techie’s choice. Though Twitter is also not that huge, but at least they have a big user-base in India and that too very active. Even Brands don’t prefer to be there on Google+, and its simple if there are not sufficient active users on Google+, its not worth investing money and time there; that’s how brands interpret Google+.

But there are some major factors, that might tempt you to start a Google+ Page for your business right after reading this article.

google plus for brands

Wide Reach and Visibility

The content you share on Google+, be it product promotion, product features, other updates will be crawled by search engines. That means your updates will be one of the search results with related keyword search on Google and other search engines allowing your content to get more eyeballs and wider reach. As a brand you will be more interested in a long term strategy rather than getting few likes, comments and shares on Facebook; and as the shelf value of the update goes down, its almost like it never happened.

Google+ is more than a social media network

I personally don’t believe that Google+ is just another social media platform, I think its an ecosystem. A system integrated with many more tools and websites like – Google Search, Gmail, Youtube, Picasa, Google Maps, Google News, Google apps, and many more. Imagine this, you have added your competitors or may be your agencies in some of your circles, you will be easily knowing their activities.  The Google+ toolbar stays with the user as he goes from search to mail to any of the other Google sites.

Android edge

As of April, there were more than 750 million Android phones in use across 320 carriers and 160 countries, Schmidt said, and there are 1.5 million sales or activations of Android every day. Can you imagine how big is this community? All these users have no choice but to use their Google account, and this makes them more closer to Google+. Just need to download a Google+ app from market and you are on it. And while browsing or using a app where you ask users to give a +1 to your website, application, or a article; they would be just a click away. No external sign-in, sign-up. Just one click.

Enhanced Features

Google+ features are very handy. comments, +1, share, circles, hangout, photos, spark and the most amazing thing I personally love is that ‘black notification bar’ on the top. That enables you to check your Google+ updates from Gmail, Reader or may be while normal browsing on Google and you can simply open that notification box and can check out your important updates.

Have you used Google+ yet? Is there something that annoys or something that you really like about Google+ over other social media channels, we would love to hear your experience.

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