5 Google Plus tools you should not ignore for your Business

Are you using Google plus for your business? Check out these Google Plus tools to help you become more productive and efficient on Google Plus. Omkar already discussed some key points for Google+ strategies for brands, let’s have a look at how you can leverage Google+ more with these tools.

Google+ is an emerging platform and it is going to take the social network by a storm, it is time now to make the most of your presence there with the help of third party applications. The below mentioned tools are great way to save time, measure your effectiveness as well monitor your competitors. Sharing below the list of 5 Google Plus tools you should not ignore for your Business.

1. CircleCount

CircleCount is a tool which helps you explore Google+ and find circles, communities and popular pages for your brand. There is a website and chrome extension. It counts the number of circles in which you are included and uses this metric to represent the number of people following your posts.

circlecount google plus tool

The site analyzes your activity and engagement around your updates to help you determine your best posting times on Google+. The page also displays information – the average response per post, your follower growth history, the list of publicly shared Circles where your name appears, and you’re most engaging content. This tool is perfect to measure the effectiveness of your content and the ripples it creates on your followers.

2. Circloscope

Circloscope as the name suggest is a circle management tool. Circloscope helps by allowing you to remove inactive users, un-circle people who do not circle you back and a host of other management functions. It gives you complete information and analysis of your circles, followers, people who you engage with.

circlescope google plus tool

Thus it helps you monitor of the people in your circle if they are active, if not you can remove them from your circles etc. It gives a detailed description and shows the efficiency and relevancy of your followers. This tool only supports chrome extension and has 2 plans- Free and Paid.

3. Steady Demand

steady demand google plus tool

Steady Demand is a Google+ audit and analytics tool. The audit is free; the analytics tool is paid. To get a complete understanding of your Google+ presence and its success you need a pro account as it provides a complete analytics report, which even includes monitoring your competitors. This is a perfect tool to analyse how your marketing efforts are working for you and breaks down the results to the specifics so you know what is working for your brand or not. And even lets you benchmark with your competitors with its analytics, great overall understanding for your brand.


If you have’t heard about this before – IFTTT stands for ‘If This, Then That‘. The idea of this tool is basic and brilliant; it circles around the concept of chain reaction. IFTTT calls the main action “Recipe”, followed by another action taken which is “trigger” and the result action is called the “Action”

ifttt google plus tool

Ok let us explain with an example so it gets easier to understand. If you post a status update to Google+ (If this), you can trigger many other actions based on this (then that) like posting to Facebook Page, profile, Twitter, Buffer, Evernote and so on. Similarly there are plenty of recipes you can create. Here are some 525 recipes for Google+ already there on IFTTT

5. Allmyplus

AllMyPlus is a straight-forward breakdown of your Google Plus activity. Simply log in with your Google+ sign-in or plug in the URL of your Google+ ID. This tool is extremely easy to use, but the best part of this tool is that it analyzes a profile, a page or a community as per your needs.

allmyplus google plus tool

After you feed in the ID or URL it gives you in detail analysis of that particular page/profile which you can analyze easily. This tool is great as it only requires a “URL” so you can get first hand information about your competitors and view their entire activity log. Brilliant right! It can be a great way to see how your competitors post are doing in comparison to your.

Google+ tycoon +MichaelQTodd

michael-digital-insightsHaven’t met Michael yet? He is the author of @7PillarsBook. A rockstar on Twitter. Tycoon on Google+. More than anything he has always been a treat to engage and interact on Social Media and various tools. When I asked him about his favourite Google+ tool, here is what he said-

I love the CircleCount chrome extension and also Circloscope.
The CircleCount Chrome extension enables me to quickly assess if the people I come across on Google+ are growing their accounts quickly and are getting good reaction to their posts. Circle Count also allows me to quickly see which circle shares I have been added to each day so that I can go and thank people. It does much more as well and really is an essential tool.
Circloscope enables me to create very complex and highly targeted circles in just a few minutes. If it was not for Circloscope this might take me over ten times as long to do. I love the daily report about my posts that I get from Steady Demand telling me what kind of posts are the most popular and when are the best times to post.

Your turn

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