Growth of e-Commerce in India

Continuing trends from previous years, Internet is still witnessing tremendous enthusiasm and interest in India. The growth story of Internet usage in India is still very much intact. Internet is one component which has recently become the key ingredient of quick and rapid lifestyle. Internet indeed has been the heart of any communications or explorations, connecting with individuals for personal or official purposes. Resultantly, Internet growth has led to a host of new developments, such as decreased margins for companies as consumers turn more and more to the internet to buy goods and demand the best prices.

The business world is being gradually changed to an e-economy by the ever-increasing global competition, increased information availability, knowledgeable consumers, changing relationships, rapid innovations, and increasingly complex products. As a result of which, no industry is left untouched in today’s consumer-centric e-marketplace.

Here is a quick overview of How Indian e-Commerce Industry is growing and where we can expect it by the end of 2013. Based on recent report published by IAMAI.

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