How Women use Social Media for Holiday Shopping [Infographic]

Holiday shopping is in full gear and each year shoppers increasingly turn to their Smartphone and social media to hunt down the best deals and gift recommendations, whether from businesses or friends and family. As marketers, it’s necessary to understand how social media affects the way people (Women) shop. Recent insight into habits of female shoppers this season demonstrates what drives them and how you can create a social media plan that effectively targets them.

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Brands need to target these shoppers with offers which they cannot deny, and here are some statistics which would be criminal to ignore.

Fashion & Beauty Trends

  • Women change their spending habits for the holiday season; 81 % spend more on clothes compared to the rest of the year, 75% will buy atleast a new outfit for the holiday season and 55% will opt for a holiday makeover.
  • They get their fashion inspiration from Pinterest at 68%, followed by brand sites at 55% and fashion blogs at 50%. It’s very simple – if your target audience is Women, you can’t ignore Pinterest for sure.
  • 62% get their beauty inspiration from social media and the portals they use are YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. For beauty tutorials brands should leverage YouTube, Pinterest has around 80% female users, thus brands should leverage this medium the most and they even get their maximum beauty inspiration from Pinterest compared to brand’s website.

Food Planning & Shopping Trends

  • 94 % will spend more on food during holidays and 43% will spend more on alcoholic beverages
  • Food blogs is the place where 51% of women get their inspiration from and then comes Pinterest at 49%. So as a brand you need to leverage these 2 mediums to drive more sales and traffic to your website.
  • 30% will try a new recipe if they found a coupon online, 3 out 4 women rely on pre-packaged meals during holidays as a treat to themselves to rest it out and enjoy the holiday cheer. Brands need to promote their products through food blogs and Pinterest and offer coupons, discounts etc. to capture the widest audience of shoppers.

We now know that women turn to Social Media for their holiday shopping spree ideas, and it is not a surprise that Pinterest is their prime source, and that is where you need to include Pinterest in your Social Media strategy followed by blogs for their fashion, beauty and food advice. So if as a brand you are not tapping these mediums, you are closing down your shop to your widest audience!


Source- This data comes courtesy of Clever Girls Collective, who surveyed close to one thousand women about how social media will impact their shopping over the holidays, and have published their findings in the above infographic.

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