Storytelling on Social Media – The Ripple Effect

Do you have a favorite book or movie which you may have read/seen zillion times (yeah maybe not literally, what I mean is you never say no to watch/read it again)? Don’t you think that’s because, the story has been able to create a special bond with you and in ways you have woven your personal memories into it. That’s the reason you cherish it! Isn’t it?

Now let’s co-relate this to social media, it presents an amazing opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences and storytelling is definitely one of the most powerful tools to engage with your fans/ followers. Storytelling really strikes an emotional chord and ultimately people don’t buy your products but rather the experiences they can achieve. These stories do emotional branding for your business.

What are the Makings of Great Storyteller?

Storytelling = Art + Science, but there is bit more and is being broken down into 3 categories below.

  • Identification
    When an idea sparks in your head, which further inspires you to create great stories! In this stage of storytelling you figure out what type of story are you trying to tell, the tone, mood and what message will it be sending out to your audiences. This becomes the blue-print of your whole picture you want to portray to your consumers!
  • Creation
    Once you have your story ready, it is important you can translate the same through words, images, videos or your beautiful story shall remain untold. Here your creativity needs to be at an ultimate high so it can help capture the main essence. Your end story has to be compelling and factual and always your customer is the main character as you are speaking to THEM!
  • Distribution
    As your story will be presented on different mediums like blogs, print, social channels! It is very important that your story is tailored as per each channel, and keep in mind its limitations. Like video ads work best on TV, snappy copy adverts on print and on social media it provides you the opportunity to present your story in real time allowing you to make personal connections.

Here are some example that are Nailing the art of storytelling truly:

1. Through Videos – Dove

Dove is a super brand when it comes to driving its point through, and it did the same with its latest video campaign #ChooseBeautiful. In this video, women from 5 different locations all around the world were asked to choose to enter a building through one of two doors, one reading “Beautiful,” and another reading “Average.” Through this campaign they are encouraging real beauty, female empowerment and renouncing the perception of beauty defined by media. It is subtly pushing its products as well for the women of today, as beauty is skin dip!

2. Let Images do the Talking – Edinburgh West Police

This has got to be definitely one of the most innovative ways of storytelling for getting across a serious message. Edinburgh West Police on Twitter posted episodes of Lego tweets for awareness of how to keep your home protected from burglary. Through this light-hearted content, it will become memorable for their audiences due to the cuteness overload! Edinburgh being a police force not much is expected from them in terms of social presence, they’ve definitely upped the stakes with their uniqueness.

3. Humour – Honda

Honda went the “H” Way, and tickled their audience’s funny bone! The auto giant released a video for April Fool’s Day about their new HR-V Selfie Edition car, designed keeping in mind the importance of duck face. With 10 cameras across the interior and exterior, the HR-V Selfie Edition allows drivers to snap pictures while the car is in park. Humour goes a long way, as it in a way gets imprinted in your audience’s mind and gets people talking about it.

4. Tap into Celebratory days – Tanishq Jewellery

As a brand you must tap into celebatory days like – Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day and so on. Tanishq, features Deepika along with her mother Ujjala Padukone and shows the special bond a daughter shares with her mother, something that Tanishq symbolizes through its timeless designs. The brand focuses on the fact that no matter how big a star Deepika is, she will always remain a little girl for her mother. This video for Mothers Day sends a very simple message across but will definitely leave you misty eyed.

5. Real Stories – CARE International UK

We all have seen the devastation caused in Nepal due to multiple earthquakes, people have lost their families, houses, badly injured and we all are mourning the loss of lives and beautiful heritage of Nepal. CARE International is sharing real stories of people affected and it will truly strike an emotional chord with you, which will make you want to help in any way possible!

Real stories have a very strong power, as people are given the factual information the way it is without any window dressing. That truly moves them and the message gets drilled down into them that much deeper!


Storytelling is ultimately the belle of the ball and for your brand to be that the story needs to be real, relevant and relatable. If at any time your audiences feel you’re putting up an act, your content will be overlooked and it won’t create any engagement you were wanting. Bottom line is keeping it simple, interesting and get creative!

What are the important elements of storytelling? Any, other brand that has inspired you and gotten your creative juices flowing? Please do share your insights with us below.

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