How to advertise your Mobile app on Facebook?

Do you have a mobile app (iOS or Android) for your brand? Are you looking to promote it to get more downloads and installs? If answer to both these questions is negative, I would request you to check our other articles on Digital and Social Media Marketing. If  your answer is positive, I am sure this article going to make sense to reaching your goals.

While promoting a Mobile App one of the most important things is that you get maximum downloads/installs from the right set of target audience. Many marketers promote their mobile apps at properties where people are not looking for a app download, but are seeking some information.

promote mobile app on facebook

Facebook has over 1.11Billion active users worldwide and more than 63 Million users in India, provides one of the best targeting features, you can target users based on interests, geographic location, device they use (android, ios, etc), age group, relationship status and other parameters that enables to reach the right audience. And the best part is your downloads/installs are just 1 click away.

Here are the 3 simple steps which will help you setup a Facebook Ad campaign to promote the Mobile app for your brand.

Register your Mobile app with Facebook

To use mobile app install ads, you’ll need to create an application on Facebook. Note that this does not mean you have to implement Facebook Login or integrate your app with Facebook at this time; you need an app on Facebook to get an app ID. If you already have one, you can skip this step. If you do not, you can create one by visiting the App Dashboard and clicking “Create New App.” You’ll be prompted to fill in a name for your app, and a unique namespace.

facebook ads for mobile apps

Add information about your Mobile app

App Basics Page

Now, add information about your app on the ‘Basic’ section of the App Settings page. Specifically, you will need to complete the ‘Basic Info’, ‘Native iOS App’, and ‘Native Android App’ section (depending on your native app). Most of the information in the top section (‘Basic Info’) should complete automatically. You do not need to specify an app domain or a hosting URL for mobile app install ads. Make sure you are not in ‘Sandbox’ mode.

facebook ads for mobile apps

If you have an iOS app, you’ll need to complete the following fields in ‘Native iOS App’ Section:

  • App Store ID: this can be found in the URL for your app in the App Store, e.g.:
  • The other fields are not required for mobile app install ads.

facebook ads for mobile apps

If you have an Android app, you’ll need to complete the following fields in ‘Native Android App’ Section:

  • Package Name: You can find this in your AndroidManifest.xml file. The package name should be in the formatcom.example.androidapp. Alternatively, you can get it from your app’s URL in Google Play, e.g.:
  • Class Name: You can find the class name of the launch activity in your AndroidManifest.xml file. The class name should take the form com.example.androidapp.MainActivity, and should use the name of the activity that contains the tag .
  • The other fields are not required for mobile app install ads.

facebook ads for mobile apps

App Details Page

Next, fill in information for your ad on the App Details page. You can navigate to this page from the sidebar on the App Settings page, or go directly there at

facebook ads for mobile apps


You only need to complete the fields titled, ‘Display Name’ and ‘Primary Icon (75X75)’. Note that you do not need to submit your app for App Center Listing in order to run a mobile app install ad.

Build and launch your ad

Now is the third very simple but most effective step is to  build and launch the Facebook Ad campaign with right set of target audience. You can use the most popular Facebook Ad Manager tool or the Power Editor tool to run your campaign successfully.

If you need assistance to setup all this for you or may be to run a effective and optimized campaign for your Mobile app contact us here.

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  • Raj

    Great info!! But would be better if you could explain why my Ads on FB are showing 0 App install on the campaign. But I’ve received 500+ downloads from the campaigns. Thanks In Advance.

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  • Linda Hudson

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