5 Kickass ideas how Travel Brands can leverage Twitter?

Passport? check, Bags? check,
Phone charged? check, Instagram? check,
Twitter? check.

Does this resemble to your target audience? The niche you want to interact with on social media? Great, I have some cool ideas how a Travel brand like you can use Twitter effeciently.

travel brands using twitter

Also these insights from Twitter [infographic link], clearly showcase that from research to availing discounts, posting reviews has become an integral part of travel experience for your audiences. Travellers have become extremely social, where they are documenting every move of theirs thus forcing brands to come up with marketing strategies to engage with them! To help you make a right footing on this platform, I’ve listed tactics below which can help you capitalize on this booming engagement.

1. Remember the ‘Rule Of 7’

The Rule of Seven is an age old marketing saying, where your prospects need to hear your marketing message atleast 7 times before they take action and buy from you! Maybe the number today is not 7, it may have come down; But the idea is to make use of this rule on Twitter by reaching out to your niche travellers and communicating with them. That should do the trick and in-turn inspires the action you were waiting for.

2. Create 3 Strategies

To engage with your audiences, be part of the whole process of their travel experience from the word “Go.”

  • Before the Trip21% of people use Twitter before planning a trip, thus make use of Twitter search option and be assistance of these people. As they are anyways on a look-out for a brand guide, be there first and help them by offering discounts and last-minute deals. A simple Twitter search will connect with many travellers, like this one here. I would even suggest to help them pack their bags, share tips/videos that are really useful and can be easily absorbed.

  • While On the Trip39% of people use Twitter on trips, that’s a large chunk of people waiting to hear ideas from you. Engage with these travellers, and ask them how their trip is going on. Be a perfect social concierge and let them know you are happy to help them, by suggesting places/restaurants/food which they shouldn’t miss out on their visit. Imagine yourself on a trip and this happens, won’t you feel special and excited?
    Example – Leads Bradford Airport, one of their customers mentioned them on a tweet of their travel whereabouts. They wished them a good journey and a guide to help them by on their trip as well.

  • After the Trip28% of users make use of Twitter after a trip and an additional 19% use Twitter to share their feedback and reviews. Here all you need to is listen to them and be a friend! Ask them how their complete trip was, and chat them up like how you would with friends over dinner. With this move, whenever they are planning a trip next they will always bank on you.

3. Share travel Ideas, Tips and Stories

We all know how difficult it is to plan for a vacation. There is so much to decide – where to go, eat, stay and how to get there? 40% of travellers have engaged with a travel brand, tap into this huge number. By making use of your social channel as a perfect platform to inspire, engage and add value to your customers and prospects by providing them with useful travel information and a complete overview of various destinations.

Example – South African Tourism, has shared this tweet of a budget travel with their audiences. Thus, helping them plan a next trip by giving great tips!

4. Be Timely

This will require a bit of work, but the efforts will be worth it. Scan your personal network and also check the search perfectly; make a list of possible travellers and start engaging with them on a daily basis and establish a rapport. Whenever they mention anything related to travel, respond quickly and be the first one to be of assistance. It is all about being timely; otherwise you will lose them to your competitors.

5. Build Trust

There are so many brands on Twitter and so much noise! How can your audiences know, you are not just another brand? To begin with, you need to instil trust in them by consistently sharing out content, giving instant solutions and also sharing social proof with them (which is the ultimate trust weapon). Slowly but steadily you will gain their trust and once that is in place, everything will work out for your brand and your audiences will always come to you first for solutions!

At the end of the day, what matters the most is that you’re accessible to your customers on Twitter. You can make use of this platform in a multiple ways to constantly stay in touch with them. Also take help of Twitter tools, they will be your support system and do most of the heavy-lifting, thus making it a seamless process.

Your turn

Your customers and prospects at this moment from all over the world are discussing about their travel experiences; shouldn’t you be tapping into that now? What are you waiting for? Go on!

Which other ways can travel brands leverage Twitter? Please do share your insights with us below.

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