How Indian Brands are leveraging #WorldCup 2014 on Social Media

The WorldCup taking place in Brazil is turning out to the biggest Social Media event. Apart from traditional media advertising about this event, the real winner in covering this event is social media sites like – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+. In India, brands have started creating engagement around this massive event like CCD did a simple and easy campaign which was among the first few brands to kickoff the world cup fever.

world cup 2014 india  social media

During the 2010 FIFA world cup, in India 44 million fans were following the entire event, and this time the stats are about to go as high as 63 Million. That is a large number; these viewers could be tweeting or updating their statuses on social networks while watching the game. That’s why brands have seen the potential to engage with these die-hard fans on social media by creating contests, images and some have even promoted their products around this event.

Let’s take a look at how businesses are leveraging WorldCup 2014, to their benefit and are engaging with their community.

1. Amul

Amul is known for its spontaneity and wittiness which is what, makes their creatives so loved and adored by all. They have done it again, this time keeping the world cup fever in mind which has created a lot of engagement on their Twitter profile through retweets and favorites.


2. Tata Docomo

They have very brilliantly, drawn their customers to their new boosted network which promises to be very fast. The users have to click on the link given in that post, type in their number and enjoy free 100MB of boosted network. Great way to get feedback about their network and at the same time they have created awareness among their fans.


3. Pepsi

Pepsi has connected their offline and online activity on social media. By setting up a Football machine, where people are given a chance to win a Pepsi 250ML can if they can re-create Messi’s moves. By sharing this activity on Facebook, is a great way to increase engagement.


4. BlueStone

This is my favourite example, and it definitely takes the whole cake away! In their Facebook post they have introduced a new product mainly for men who love football, football pendants. They even ran a contest, #PredictShareWin, where their audiences had to predict who would win the match that day, share that post on their network. Great way to increase engagement, awareness about the new product and even sales as it would make great gifting for men.


5. Flipkart

This leading E-commerce portal has very smartly linked their eStore in this tweet for; their customers who want to buy goodies related to football. Where they can easily navigate all the products through one section, without having to browse through various categories to find the product they want.


6. Mentos

With their post on Facebook, they have quizzed their fans to guess which direction the mentos will be kicked towards and lead to a goal. Such posts are conversation starters with your fans, and a perfect way to increase engagement on your social channels. Their Facebook page cover photo is just brilliant; with such simplicity they have promoted their mentos flavours at the same time kept up the world cup fever.


7. Oreo

I have said this before, and now going to repeat myself again Oreo is a super brand and is extremely creative. On their Facebook page, during one of the matches in half-time they shared an image with written text below asking their customers to celebrate with Oreo. Amazing way to increase engagement with eye-catching visual and at the same time even promoting their product so subtly!


8. Local Banya

They quizzed their fans on Facebook, to guess which angle the ball was kicked towards and the person who answered correctly 50 Banya points would be added to their account. Great way to increase engagement from their fans and at the same time definite purchase intent, because the person rewarded those points would shop more than the amount won. Clearly a win-win situation for both!


9. Nokia India

Nokia has created a contest on their Facebook page, where they are calling out all their fans to participate and they stand a chance to watch the match live in a pub from their respective cities – Delhi & Bangalore. This contest was announced on 24th June and the duration was lesser than 24 hours, but they have received great engagement in terms of likes, shares and comments. They have truly made a winning goal with this contest on their brand page!


10. Viber India

This football season the power to score a goal is in your hands, you’re wondering how? Viber partners with YUWA, an NGO that works for education and development of girls in Jharkhand through football. Through this campaign they have brought to light the need of these girls, and with doing so during the FIFA world cup 2014 is the perfect platform to increase awareness. At the same time it has even increased awareness of this App as their Video has received 300K+ views already, apart from the above view; fans are even being exposed to this advertisement on traditional media while watching their match.


All the world cup fanatics take to social media to vent about the match while watching it. The social networks are flooded with such comments; brands have started taking notice of their customers being active on social networks during the matches even they have started building posts around this event to engage with their communities. With the world cup fever heating up on social media, it will be interesting to see how brands will continue engaging with their audiences.

Watch out this space for more #WorldCup 2014 action to come! If you are also doing a campaign related to #FootballFever, don’t forget to reach us here.

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