How Brands can use hashtags on Instagram effectively

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Okay, you may have read thousands of post about Instagram and may be a few hundred about using Hashtags on Instagram. But believe me, this post is not a “me too”. If I was here to share the normal and usual stuff about Instagram, I would have simply directed you to these Best practices for using hashtags by Instagram team. We are here to see some awesome stuff, some awesome tactics that you can use for your Brand to promote it on Instagram. instagram hashtags Before you go ahead, the fundamental rule is “Instagram is not Twitter”. I have seen Brands who cleverly use hashtags on Twitter but when it comes to Instagram, they fail. And that is because they use hashtags the same way they are using on Twitter. On Twitter, you have only 140 characters and if you make every word of the tweet a hashtag, that will be an #epicfail. But on Instagram, it’s all about hashtags. Use as many hashtags as you can, attach them in the caption field with your photo and only then post it. A photo without a hashtag has a very short life, hardly a few minutes. Here are few more basics that you need to know. If you are already aware of these just scroll down a bit.

  • You can only tag your own photos.
  • You can add a hashtag to your photo even after you’ve uploaded it with a caption! Just add a comment with your hashtag and it’ll be added to the tag pool.
  • Numbers in hashtags will work, but special characters such as % or $ will not.
  • Try to be as descriptive as possible. We limit the number of hashtags to 30 in order to prevent photos from being mis-tagged.
  • You can tap on hashtags to see the tag page & discover similar photos or search for a specific tag from Profile > Search Instagram > Tags.

Choosing the right hashtag for your photo is equivalent to choosing a set of keywords for SEO and that is the most critical task. But it’s not rocket science, and thankfully there is no algorithm behind it. Hashtags on Instagram makes it easy for others to search your photo; you photos are discoverable and have more visibility.

How to choose the right hashtags for your brand?

instagram hashtags brands

  • Check out most popular hashtags on Instagram. Where are you going to get that? Well, here at Webstagram.
  • Now make a list of those hashtags which are related to your brand.
  • Also make a list of hashtags that your fans/audience are using on Instagram. Tally these with the first list, and select the most appropriate ones.
  • Create a few hashtags (1 or 2) for your brand. May be your brand name, or something that you are already using on Twitter, a famous product or service, may be your latest campaign. For Example: Nivea as brand can use #nivea, #gosleeveless or #deodorant.
  • Now use these hashtags with all your photo updates. Remember, don’t overdo this. Keep the number of hashtags limited to 5-10.
  • Don’t use hashtags like #like4like, #likeforlike, #tagsforlikes, #20likes etc. You might get some random likes but a brand using them will look stupid.
  • Don’t forget this – Use hashtags only if they are related to your photo, content or brand.
  • Below are some awesome hashtags that you can use.


If you think that the photo you just clicked is already perfect and doesn’t need any of the Instagram filters or effects use “#NoFilter”. Make sure your photo is perfect, otherwise use a filter and only then upload it. This hashtag is been very frequently used by many users and brands.


If you own a Restaurant, Hotel, or any sort of Food related business and want to promote your brand on Instagram don’t forget to use “#OntheTable”, it’s for food photography. You can also add some other regional or food related hashtags to your photo and it will result in greater reach for your photos.


Remember “#FollowFriday” on Twitter? Similarly, on Instagram we have “Throwback Thursday” #TBT. Every Thursday users share old photos of themselves. Many brands have adapted #TBT into their posts by sharing their historic images or facts and flashbacks related to brand.

#Photoftheday or #PicoftheDay

Photo of the Day” is an initiative by Instagram, where everyday there is one winner. All you have to do is tag your best photos with #photooftheday and they will feature the best one in their own feed. You know what it means? If your photo gets selected it reaches to more than 220K users on Instagram. A similar service is #PicoftheDay, not associated with Instagram but the reach is awesome.


If your photo is just out of the world, it has some serious art work, some splendid photography? use #Instagood, it was created to feature the work of talented photographers through the Instagram account @instagood. It is the second most popular hashtag on Instagram, just use the hashtag with original, outstanding photo and if your photo gets shared by them, it reaches more than 290K users on Instagram.

An awesome example

Brigitte Klawonn, owner of Brigitte Klawonn IT & Logistics and also a Social Media Expert, look at the below example and the way she generated a pretty good engagement on one of her shares on Instagram. A simple beautiful image with right and appropriate use of hashtags. instagram hashtags brigitteHave you started using Instagram for your brand? Share the link below, we will follow and suggest you the best we can.

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