iPhone 5S and Reliance? Mixed reactions on Social Media!

Reliance turned out to be the first Data provider in India to offer the new iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C at ‘zero down payment’ schemes. And as the Apple geeks seem to be going berserk over the offer, some are not impressed while the rest are left wondering. Reliance Mobile has turned to social media to promote the offer in this festive season. With all the brands wanting a share of the trend on Twitter with campaigns (and some meaningless contests), Reliance was also trying out the ‘Promoted Trends’ feature with #iPhoneOnReliance3G.The trend surely caught the eye of the Twitterati and many were seen voicing their opinions (and doubts) around the offer and whether it will/can/should work. Some conversations below:


The Reliance Mobile Facebook Page is publicizing the offer through the posts (though i expected a grand campaign on Facebook too during the offer launch). Twitter users although have shown interest in the new Reliance-iPhone Deal, most of the many ‘influencers’ in the network have questioned the deal which Reliance is offering. We used uberVU to check the overall Twitter buzz of their promoted trend #iPhoneOnReliance3G.

iPhone 5S Reliance Offer


The Twitter hashtag generated more than 1 million impressions on Twitter in the last 3 days with the conversation being moderately positive. The conversations were mostly dominated by the Metro cities in India where many users were seen inquiring more about the offer (which the Reliance mobile Twitter handle failed to capitalize on yet!). The @RelianceMobile Twitter handle had more than 500 mentions in the past 3 days (1st Nov – 3rd Nov)

As far as social media goes to predict the future of this partnership between Apple and Reliance in India, it does seem to work for people who still have not tasted an Apple Product but would love to buy one. As far as the negative mentions are concerned, Reliance might have to come up with a strategy to handle it, or it might hamper their future customers conversion (if they are on Twitter).

What are you thoughts? A brave move by Reliance to bring in such a deal to make iPhone ‘affordable’ in India?

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