Is Pinterest really worth your time?

We all know different social channels have different set of audiences. I have been trying since a month to analyse how image-centric platforms with different features can help marketers and small businesses to spread and amplify their marketing messages. Since much has been talked about Facebook I would be focusing on Pinterest.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a content sharing and content curation site. It uses images in form of URL’s or pins from different websites to share content that people like. Like on Twitter its ReTweet, on Facebook its called ‘share’; similarly on Pinterest we have ‘RePins’ that can take your shared content to the next level. It is like a big fat directory with different listings or themes.

pinterest worth your time

What I personally like about Pinterest is that it allows you to show and share different aspects of your personality. As a social media executive and as an individual I need not stick to cheeky humour, wit, and sleaze always! I can share my DIY ideas and sometimes my make-up tips and tricks. Similarly, boys can talk about their favourite SUV’s or gadgets along with refined and elegant attire! On Pinterest it is the person and personality that is important.

Pinterest for brand persona

If Pinterest is a part of your social-media strategy then connecting your fans with different facets of your brand becomes more important rather than selling a xyz product, as social is all about people and it is always people who connect to people and their personality. A typical pinner has many interest-based boards. Some follow people and some follow a particular theme-based board. You and your brand have the freedom to create and connect with the type of content that you wish to see and participate.

Pinterest inspires

Since content survives in form of images on Pinterest, many businesses have started showing more and talking less. Their street photography, wedding décor, cakes and pastries, recipe and business tips are shared with suave, crisp and to-the-point images. The ‘shopped from us board’ of Myntra is a good start to engage with users and asking them to share good pictures on Pinterest. Though I would like to see a group wall of fans where all kinds of sentiments can be tracked, shared and responded to.

pinterest social media

Pinterest also allows you to blog in fewer words, a few tips and in-depth gyaan in form of infographics is more than enough. I personally learnt a lot from the DIY boards during the debt and financial crisis from my British and American friends like how to recycle my old pants to shorts, how to make a shrug out of a small jacket and how to tie a scarf. And the fact is many especially women get fashion and lifestyle inspiration from Pinterest and we all know about Kotex’s women’s inspiration day campaign. There’s a lot marketers can do on Pinterest 😉

Pinterest allows community learning

We are familiar with community dining concept but Pinterest’s group or guest board allows you to share your point of view with people of same interests. I don’t enjoy Facebook group as much as group boards, I learn a lot about flowers, type of gardening, home styling and furniture. Discussions and discussion boards on Pinterest are here for a purpose.

pinterest strategy

Use popular personalities for enhancing your content

Pinterest trends can be used at ideating level and later on for developing creative. For example L’Oreal Pairs India’s ‘get the look’ board give a list of essential make-up items to use to get Sonam Kapoor or Aishwarya Rai look; a pretty, simple and self-explanatory lifestyle/make-up tip that can be practised at home, that can be a part of daily routine. The theme used is DIY make-up along with personalities whom we relate to. The human element is very important on Pinterest in addition to a content that really helps and educates audiences.

pinterest vs facebook


Facebook allows better targeting thanks to its advertising options but Pinterest is yet to evolve, which is good as well as bad. The scene is like a pure competitive market where best content wins. Facebook can be used for impression and resonance, while Pinterest for learning and brand enhancing experiences.

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Do let us know what are your thoughts on Pinterest and how differently do you use this platform vis-à-vis Facebook. Till then keep pinning.

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