The Journey of Social Media: 2008 to 2013 [Infographic]

In a world where Social Media is constantly changing it’s interesting to see its journey from 2008 to present day. The roots of social media stretch far deeper than you might imagine, we have already discussed the social media stats in 2013 here. It has effectively changed everything we thought we knew about the Internet (online communications), Marketing and the overall perspective of brand messaging!

Let’s have a look at the Visual below

journey of social media 2008 2013

We just cannot ignore these key statistics from the Infographic which just made us go “Wow Social Media is huge”. At Present there are 1.7 Billion Social media users worldwide, that means 1/4th of the population uses social media.

Then and Now

In 2008, it began with 130 Million Facebook users and now it is at 1.2 Billion users that mean most of the population on social media uses Facebook and is valued at $100 Billion which is 2/3rd of the grand total of $150 Billion for all social networks. Impressive right? Followed by LinkedIn in 2008 at 30 Million users and now in 2013 at 260 Million users and is valued at $26.6 Billion. Lastly followed by Twitter it had a mere 1 Million users and now in 2013 has a whopping 225 Million users and valued at $24 Billion.

Initially there were very few social networks namely Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then entered an array of social networks Google+ (300 Million), Instagram (150 Million) and Pinterest (70 Million). All other social networks have bloomed but as we can observe, but Myspace looked extremely promising in 2008 with 115 Million users but now only has 36 Million users!

Social Media Milestones

In 2008 Barack Obama was the 1st president in History of USA, to run a political social media campaign. Facebook had surpassed Myspace in terms of users and Facebook being a new entrant then compared to Myspace. In 2009 Twitter the micro-blogging site had changed the meaning of news and Journalism. When the news of plane landing in the Hudson River was broadcast to the world by a regular citizen and not a journalist! Facebook Launched the like button a new way for brands to map their content metrics on this social platform, do you think was this the beginning of number obsession?

In 2010 Facebook had surpassed Google as being the most viewed website in U.S. Here started the trend of visual content which exploded with the launch of Pinterest and Instagram. In 2011 Social media changed the entire world stage by being used as a social change ‘Arab Spring’. Google launched its own social network Google+ and became the part of the social network bandwagon; it is still struggling till date!

In 2012 the reach of social media took to new heights, literally! Astronaut Chris Hadfield tweeted images from space and Red-bull used social media to drive its stratosphere campaign. Facebook reached the 1 billion mark here and shelved that many U.S dollars to attain Instagram! This year Twitter has joined the IPO party, the very 1st day its share prices rose.

Videos are the new way to share content so twitter unveils Vine a video tool which captures and shares videos duration of 6seconds, Instagram one-upped them by releasing Instagram videos which were of a longer duration 13 seconds! We have seen the growth from content to visual impact and now videos! And lot’s of new trends like political campaigns, social causes etc. Social media has changed the meaning of online communication and wears a lot of different media hats with these social networks. Makes you wonder what is in store in 2014?

Source: Hootsuite just released this very good infographic that retraces the journey of social media since 2008. And this infographic even maps the journey of Hootsuite from 2008 with just 3 employees to present with 250 employees and 8 million users!

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