Kotak Mahindra Bank promotes Kotak Junior Plans on Social Media

As Children ourselves, we always looked for chances of finding chillar (change) through our parents pockets or hidden somewhere in the house. I remember accumulating these without fail so that i could have an ice-cream every week (of course without telling my parents about it). The concept of saving our own money is not unique in adults and is present in us from childhood itself. This concept is now adopted by Kotak Mahindra Bank who is bringing it’s audience, a Kotak Junior plan which you can open specially for your kids.

#KotakJunior on Social Media:

The Bank is already promoting the same on Social Media to their target audience (Parents) with regular updates about the benefits of the account for their Kids. The Twitter handle of Kotak Bank has already started advertising with the help of Twitter Cards in order to lure their Twitter followers.The Twitter card link then takes you to a lead gen form which you have to fill based on your personal information. The tweets are also being promoted with usage of hashtags such as #KotakJunior

Help your kids build a brighter future with their very own #KotakJunior Account. Sign up today! https://t.co/uybpabYilW

— Kotak Mahindra Bank (@KotakBankLtd) July 27, 2013

Kotak on their Facebook page which boasts of more than 65,000 Fans has created a dedicated application for the new offering where basically they are giving their fans a chance to showcase their child’s adventure and the best one’s to be chosen by Kotak would be featured on the page to be celebrated by others. The app is being promoted on their Twitter handle as well urging their followers to participate in this Facebook contest. The link shared on social networks for the application to participate has been clicked more than 130 times on Facebook and 35 times on Twitter (Source:bit.ly). The contest tells you to ‘message’ Kotak Mahindra Bank (Private Message feature) describing the adventure of your child supported by any photo/video. The Bank will then feature your story on their Facebook page for other fans to view.

Kotak Junior Campaign on Social Media by Kotak Mahindra Bank

In terms of Facebook content engagement, the Kotak Junior related posts fare slightly better (they gain 20% more content likes as compared to an average content likes per post for Kotak Bank Facebook page) when measured to July 2013 (Source: SimplyMeasured). However, in terms of overall content engagement, the poage scores fairly low with an IPM value of less than 1 (IPM measures the Interactions per 1,000 Fans metric, Interactions here includes Likes/Comments/Shares)

Although nothing new has been done as far as YouTube is concerned, with the Kotak Junior TVC being uploaded on their YouTube Channel which has already been viewed more than 62K times. Although the video has not generated any conversations. Kotak Mahindra’s  Google+ page is already boasting of the same content as on their Facebook page with no significant engagement.


Kotak Bank has already made some cool campaigns on the lines of ‘Save with Subbu’ teaching the users the etiquettes of smart savings. The Kotak Junior however,does not look more of a full fledged campaign but just an add-on to generate participation from their fans and conversion to new accounts through their lead generation mechanism via Twitter Cards. With the Facebook users now-a-days going prize hungry for every contest, this contest does not provide any real incentives ( Mobile phones or scholarship for their kids) but a chance to feature their story on the Facebook page. The entry submission could have been done through the third party application itself, rather than asking users to ‘Private Message’ them with their stories. This restricts the full-fledged use of a Facebook application and limits the use of Open Graph which could have resulted in viral impressions.

What do you think about the promotion of #KotakJunior on Social Media? Do you think they could have made the campaign more interesting?

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