crashes selling Sachin’s farewell Test tickets, People express anger on Social Media was the online partner of the Mumbai Cricket Association who was left with the responsibility of selling 5,000 tickets for Sachin’s farewell Test in Wankhede Stadium. What followed was a PR crisis for the online portal with the site non-functional since going live today for the sale of tickets.

We live in a world where all it takes is a Tweet to mouth our displeasure towards a brand or a service. And when thousands of people are doing the same thing, then the Brand trends on Twitter and not in a good way. Sachin fans who wanted to view the little master for the final time at Wankhede were left fuming and took to Social Media for expressing their displeasure for KyaZoonga’s services. #KyaZoonga has been trending since morning and the brand is left with explaining and apologizing to Fans on Twitter and Facebook.

Their Facebook page is posting their Twitter replies to individual customers and their wall remains closed for any fans to complain about publicly on Facebook. While there were lessons to be learnt from the World Cup final debacle, KyaZoonga seems to have not been fully prepared for the traffic surge which was expected due to the huge build-up to Sachin’s final test. The speculation on Twitter is that the tickets are being black-marketed and are being ended up as 10 times their original prices.

Below are some of the statistics we pulled up from uberVU on the conversations related to KyaZoonga today on Social Media:

KyaZoonga Social Media Buzz on Wankhede Test

Below are some of the posts trending with #KyaZoonga which reflects consumer sentiment on Social Media:




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