LinkedIn Revamps Company Page Insights, What You need to know?

LinkedIn in it’s bid to improve it’s branding and stay relevant for most of the brands for building their professional presence has launched a new Company Page Analytics feature. Here is the video explaining some of the features of the new insights feature under your LinkedIn Company page:

From the overview, it does look more like Facebook Insights, with a post wise breakdown of engagement along with reach metrics.Although this would really help in understanding and gauging the different type of content resonating with the LinkedIn audience (which might not be the same as the Facebook audience)

Here are some of the new things you will see in the Page Analytics:

  • Benchmark your data with your competitors in terms of Followers
  • Separate ‘Analytics’ section to house all the new metrics under one tab
  • Post Wise Engagement will cover some of the key metrics like Interactions,Impressions and Clicks along with Sponsored Impressions
  • Trended View of Engagement and Impressions over the selected time periods

With LinkedIn bringing a host of changes starting with allowing marketers to have sponsored content on LinkedIn to tag your network individuals in a post, it is trying to be more interactive (Read Facebook-Like) and drive more engagement and relevance than what it is currently used for (A Job hunting site for most of the Indians at-least). This can give granular insights to page owners to make relevant content and measure it against it each other to come up with a content strategy for the company pages on LinkedIn. And with the content level breakdown, page owners can also check the reach penetration happening on the Company pages (how many people are actually seeing their content organically) and if need be to sponsor important updates to reach out to more people.

Will all these host of changes LinkedIn is trying to bring for it’s audience and marketers alike change the way we socialize with LinkedIn too? Only time will tell.

What do you think about the new Company Page insights LinkedIn is offering? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image Courtesy: SmartInsights

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