Logitech Social Media Strategy and Objectives – Subrotah Biswas

Logitech Social Media Strategies? Are they good, bad or ugly? Today we will talk all about it with a chief guest from Logitech, Mr. Subrotah Biswas, Director, Logitech India and South West Asia, spoke to Digital Insights about Logitech and their social media strategies. He is a mesmerizing leader who has played a crucial role in recalibrating the fortunes of Logitech in India.

In a fast changing environment, companies have to discover their niche before competitors catch up. The Computer Peripheral segment is no different; this sector faces challenges both domestically and abroad. Logitech in a way has pre-empted the path by their products that connect to people in a natural, intuitive way to the digital lifestyle they care about. By developing products that have a powerful blend of artistic design, surprising science and innovation which is driven by consumer insight. Their products have been designed for popular computing devices – Macs, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

As important as it is to create, produce products, it is equally important to promote them as well. Social Media in India once was an unresolved question by many businesses, they asked themselves – Is it worth the time and resources? Now that ship has sailed, let us see how Logitech is sailing in the vast ocean of social media.

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We did a comparative study for Logitech and Razer some time back here at Digital Insights, where we talked about what Logitech can learn from Razer. But they are still lacking the main ingredient of social media being “Engagement” with the audiences almost across all platforms that is missing.

As we spoke to Mr. Biswas we got some interesting answers and insights on ‘Is Logitech making the most out of what social media has to offer?’. You can connect with Subrotah Biswas here on Twitter-

Social Media Objective

In the age of social media, every company has jumped on the bandwagon and created a social media presence of some kind, so when we asked whether engagement or sales is the ultimate goal for Logitech’s social media strategy, Mr. Biswas said “We have three broad objectives at Logitech when we speak of social media. These are:

  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships with existing and potential consumers.
  • Provide assistance to existing and potential consumers.
  • Build scalable capability to create consumer advocates and gather feedback

But looking at all their online properties they do not endorse the meaningful essence of Mr. Biswas’s answer of creating awareness and engagement, which is a drive they most value and even promote in their organisations. Look at the engagement on the posts below –

logitech social engagement

How Social Media is helping Logitech

Social media and their technologies such as blogs, wikis, micro-blogging, social networks and tools can empower these brands with such collaborations, so how has it socially empowered Logitech? And he stated “It has helped us by communicating with our customers in real time by telling them about our updates, get valuable feedback and we in turn through these platforms have turned the negative experiences into positive ones”.

More Fans or Value to customers?

After the collaboration with the platforms does it all come down to numbers, because most brands are number obsessed is it the same case? But in Logitech “It is all about that it grows organically, and in a way which it enables our followers and Logitech to gain value as well”. He also added “the entire social media space is continuously evolving, some brands are making noise and waves with paid campaigns” And they believe in doing with good content which is organic. So content is the King, even with the individualistic tone across all platforms their engagement doesn’t seem to improve is it because of some companies “ME” attitude and lack of interest in what excite the audiences?

Is parent-child Facebook Pages really helpful?

From the recent Social Media stats 2013, 74 % of marketers believe that Facebook is the most popular platform for engagement, seems like Logitech is taking the same route. When we asked Mr, Biswas why Facebook is a medium chosen by them? He stated the same reason being the most popular platform. With their New Facebook Parent-child page they have had a fall in engagement of posts it’s not even reaching to 1% of fans, according to Logitech it is way of making it relevant and globalised, but in the long run it’s simpler and easier to contact, even though presently its lead to less engagement.

Spends, the money burnt

Every successful Social Media strategy has some form of investment in terms of Budget, tools which help in widening the circle of audience, In Logitech “investments have gone up by 5-20% in spends”. In terms of tool reach is the most basic, which is plausible through Content. What about E-commerce? Logitech is available on all popular e-Commerce stores, drives and initiatives are done through the Logitech exclusive e-Store.


Every organisation has their Social media Strategy; some endorse few of the platforms and some all. It all comes down to the important point Engagement and awareness as stated by Logitech. We agree to that, that this is also a fact that Facebook is no more an organic platform but Twitter/Google+/Pinterest is. And we strongly believe that Logitech is loosing out there.

To be as good as their products on social media they will have to increase interaction, involve more participation from online-to-offline and also offline-to-online.

What is your take? Don’t you think they are not able to cast the net wide to capture audiences? Do you think Parent-child Facebook pages are good way for global brands? Do you recognise any Logitech campaign which made you go crazy? Do share with us.

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