How @MaggiIndia enticed users to share selfies with #HealthyIsEnjoyable

India’s favourite instant noodle brand ‘Maggi’ has recently launched a new product, Oats Noodles and they have roped in Madhuri Dixit Nene to represent this new product launch to spread awareness across the nation that health is enjoyable with the new commercial. We all have grown up eating Maggi be it during lunch, dinner, snack, midnight grub or as and when we want to satiate our craving.

maggi selfie contest

Maggi has positioned its new variant Oats Noodle as a morning option stating not only is it tasty but healthy too. The brand is on the path, to spread awareness of their new entrant as a meal for breakfast and they have taken to social media to convey their message loud and clear by running a selfie contest, with selfie’s being a rage Maggi is not far behind from those other brands that have incorporated selfie contests.

About Maggi #HealthyIsEnjoyable

Maggi is currently running a contest on Twitter, to qualify for the same you have to follow their Twitter handle and tweet your breakfast selfie with the hashtag #HealthIsEnjoyable. The contest begun on 25th August, it is going to run for a span of 7 days and each day 10 winners will be awarded a month’s free supply of Maggi Oats Noodles.

To get an in-depth understanding of how this contest is faring on social media, we used our all time favourite tool Talkwalker to uncover all the results with detailed analysis.

Overall Results

maggi social media campaign

As this contest was promoted on Twitter, you can see on the graph the engagement has picked up tremendously as people are becoming more and more aware of the contest so is the participation increasing. As this contests span is a week, it is only going to gain more and more participation, followers and awareness.

Reach of the campaign

maggi social media campaign

Potential reach highlights the evolution over time, and its complete reach in comparison to the period before as you can it has risen with the green arrow highlighting the number underneath.


maggi social media campaign

These power users have helped spread the word about this brand’s contest. In the table below it shows the amount of posts they have contributed to increase awareness and the sort of reaction, reach and engagement they have created. Mostly it has garnered Positive & Neutral from the results below we can decipher.


maggi social media campaign

The sentiment surrounding the tweets is mainly neutral and positive, reason being due to the influencers and the positive ripples they have caused through their posts. There are some negative tweets surrounding this brand, but it represents a minor chunk in the graph. Most of those negative tweets, are about Maggi being unhealthy and not a good food choice!

We handpicked couple of tweets with the breakfast selfie and hashtag #HealthyIsEnjoyable, which literally had us drooling!

Maggi has nowhere mentioned that participants must buy the Nestle product. But to increase their chances of winning, most of the users are eating Maggie and clicking snapshots of those. I liked the fact that they didn’t push their product too hard. Great way to increase purchase intent and the images which are being tweeted to them by the second/hour can be used by Maggi as customer testimonials.

Maggi is slowly and steadily entering into the health segment, first with the launch of the Atta Noodles and now the Oats Noodle. By creating buzz on social media, it is a great way to increase your brands awareness and visibility of the new product. By promoting the contest with the hastag #HealthyIsEnjoyable, is a very smart way to instil it in the mind of users that Maggi is healthy as well.

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