Maybelline India promoting 30 shades of Pink on Social Media

Maybelline New York is the world’s no.1 makeup brand. The brand has created its image for women who are fun, fashionable and up-to-date always, they always create products in line to their brands core values. And they have done it again with the launch of their new products “30 shades of Pink.”

About this campaign

On February 25th 2014, Maybelline India ran a Twitter Contest, to promote 30 shades of Pink, where they encouraged users to tweet about why they love colour ‘Pink’ with the hashtag #ILovePinkBecause and the winners would stand a chance to win some of their merchandise.  It was a fun ride to see those tweets coming in from various users. The hashtag #ILovePinkBecause was trending the entire day on Twitter for solid 24+ hours.

The Twitter effect of the Campaign

We tracked the entire campaign with Talkwalker, which is an ultimate tool for Social Media monitoring and analysis. Let’s take a look at the ripples the campaign has made on Twitter and what sort of reaction it drew towards the brand and their products.

Overall Results

maybelline india social media contest

As we can see in the graph above the conversations relating to Maybelline and the hashtag peaked on twitter the most since the inception of the contest on 25th February 2014 and as we can see below ripples of those conversations are still being created even though the contest ended within a few hours on the same day itself. And people started associating this hashtag with a lot of other topics as well.

What users were talking about?

maybelline india social media

The topics surrounding these conversations on Twitter yielded a lot more discussions around the hashtag #ILovePinkbecause. And these discussions led to multiple treads of topics, apart from talking about Maybelline and the new Pink products line. Followers related this hashtag to the movie Gulabi Gang as that movie is about women empowerment and they associated the color pink with that.

Sentiment of their conversations

maybelline india campaign

As we can see below the sentiment graph, the conversations sparked maximum positive responses, followed by neutral comments and lastly followed by negative comments by Twitter users. Looks like the followers have associated more positives with hashtag #ILovePinkBecause, one of reasons being mainly as the hashtag is asking the Twitter users why they love pink and as they are asking its users why they love something thus all the replies were either positive or neutral. And very few negative, either they were anti pink color or were mocking others like Rahul Gandhi.

Key Influencers

maybelline india twitter

As we can see below the influencers per media type, in news by which garnered 2.8 Million views, on Facebook by the artist Taylor Swift’s fan page and on Twitter by multiple followers which also include Bollywood celebrities like Huma Qureshi who took part in these conversations and were part of influencing their followers to take part in these conversations and thus it shed more light on this campaign and increased awareness.

Let’s take a look at few tweets associated with the hashtag #ILovePinkBecause which caught our attention with their quick wit, and some honest answers.

This campaign succeeded in educating their followers about their new product, as well as created excitement amongst their followers to participate in the contest with the perk to win something it achieved its objective to create awareness and increase engagement. Maybelline has definitely bought pink back with style and options

What I missed the most?

I really missed that the campaign was only limited to Twitter, Maybelline website shows you no detail about what the campaign is and neither they talk about engagement around 30 shades of Pink anywhere on site.

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