Most memorable moments of 2014 at Digital Insights

It’s been another great year for us at Digital Insights; we are still reminiscing 2013 and all the support we got. Thankful to all of you for that! It is always fun to look back and reiterate about the most special events of a year, which makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something!

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Due to our readers support, this year again I am listing down below a few moments which has truly defined DI’s efforts and in-turn helped us grow. Let’s take a walk down Memorabilia lane!

1. We’ve been Quoted “….”

Us being out there and doing our thing, and then being noticed in my mind that is the sincerest form of flattery! Our content is going the green way, being recycled from one top notch sites/blog to another. Jokes aside, we are very privileged to be quoted on the following sites/blogs –

  • Forbes [link]
  • Huffington Post [link]
  • Adweek [link]
  • Rand Fishkin [link]
  • Buffer App [link]
  • Ignite Social Media [link] and other as well.

This just makes us only want to work harder!

2. Focused on two platforms – Google+ and LinkedIn

For us 2013, was the year of Twitter and till this date it continues being our trusted partner. But we at DI strongly believe in practice what you preach, and we have branched out to Google+ and LinkedIn in 2014. These two platforms have helped us connect with like-minded people and in-turn increased our visibility and reach as well.

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We tried our best to leverage these two platforms and to some extend we succeeded above our expectations. Look at the example above for one of the post Omkar articulated.

3. They gave us Social Wings

Last year we connected with many social media influencers, which was truly a dream come true for us! But that motivated us further only to increase our connections more so. We are delighted that we got mentioned by Guy Kawasaki, Ted Rubin, Pam Moore, Simon Porter and many more! This has amped us up even more to up our game for the next year! {tweet 1, tweet 2}

4. Offline Coverage

You may have read in multiple articles that claim social media will replace traditional media. But both of them together are a super power, which in-turn helps foster communication with your audiences. And we are extremely humbled that our work has been published on print in the following publications – The Telegraph (newspaper), The Jeweller (magazine), Wisconsin Lion (newspaper). We strive only to reach higher ☺


5. We Like Kim, Broke The Internet

Yes, we did! Clearly not the same of way posing in a magazine, but through publishing on our blog. After the humbling response we got with our Infographic we published in 2013, we decided to up our ante for 2014 latest social media stats by making an interactive infographic and as you can see below the response has just been overwhelming!

traffic on digital insights

And this article was among the top 20 of 100 top blog posts of Digital Marketing in entire 2014. Woo! Happy we all are.

6. Beyond this Space!

We consider it of the topmost honour to gain the opportunity to contribute on prestigious blogs such as Social Media Examiner, SteamFeed, Business2Community, LinkedIn Blog and many more. It has helped us spread the word out about businesses, platforms and DI and secondly made us connect with that many more people who we can delight with our posts and share the little bit of knowledge we have.

Our aim is to go higher when it comes to guest blogging, and hopefully your shares and love will shower us with that luck.

7. Time for some Numbers

Measuring your performance is extremely important; as it lets you know if you’re on the right track towards success. We do believe in periodic measuring, and here are our results. Since the inception happened around May 2013, for an apple to apple comparison we have taken data from Google Analytics for June to December for 2013- 2014 and we noticed an extremely positive growth.

  • Total Sessions have increased by 143.25%
  • Average Page Views have increased by 167.33%
  • Average Time on Site has increased by 21.19%
  • Bounce has decreased by 2.03%, and we will be focusing more here in 2015.

All this couldn’t and wouldn’t have been possible without your support, love and most importantly shares! 2014 has been a year to remember, and we are hoping we can make 2015 count as well! Our resolution is to only grow, treat our readers with our posts and keep connecting with like-minded people & influencers!

Here’s a glimpse at what we are focusing in 2015:

  1. Tips, tricks and detailed posts on how Small Businesses can leverage Social Media. All of us have started small at some point, and at certain times wished for a preset guide. Thus our posts are going to act as a guiding source for their every move!
  2. We love social media tools; we are going to get at the depth of it more-so of how it can help accentuate your brands performance, and also at the same time share brand success stories.
  3. A lot more shade will be thrown at how Social Media in India is evolving, and share our own two bits of how your brand can take it further on this landscape.
  4. You will be hearing from the CxOs and their journey to success, their stories will truly inspire action on your part.
  5. We love Infographics, and this year we promise to provide another detailed graphic to keep the trend going on!
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