How to encourage Millennials to engage more with your brand? [Infographic]

Millennials are the most marketing-savvy and advertising-critical generation ever. For this generation, social media have become indispensable. This gives business a great opportunity to focus and strategize their social media marketing efforts accordingly. Studies suggest that if you can get your product/service viral amongst Millennials, you get a boost to all your efforts and conversions.

millennials social media

Did you know your Gen Y loves user-generated content (UGC)? As they gain buying power it’s crucial for brands to gain their trust and win them over! The infographic below highlights the breakdown of how millennials prefer to view content, where they’re getting their news from and its impact on the media landscape.

millennials user generated content

Aren’t above facts really cool? Thanks to Crowdtap for this infographic. Now that you know what Millennials can do to your business and how beneficial it would be for your brand if they start talking about your products/services, let’s think on how you can engage with them? Below mentioned are 4 pointers, which will you help you get your footing in the right direction.

1. Content is the king

Content matters to Millennials but it should find them, so make it easy for them to come across your content. Social media is what they best react to, thus utilize social networks and newsfeed as they check their phone 45 times a day, and each time presents an opportunity for your brand to connect with them. How you distribute your content is very important as well.

2. There’s only one You

When communicating with them on various channels, be original and interesting or they will just ignore you! Thus carry the same tune across all channels and speak to them like their peer, than a brand. Most importantly, there is only one you so don’t be someone else’s copy.

3. Reward Them

If your brand rewards them with freebies and perks, you will hit all the right buttons in the Millennials as they will bring your brand in the spotlight by promoting it on their various social channels. And by now we know, how much their reviews are valued!

4. Communicate

Communication is a two-way street, if you want them to share their personal information you have to earn it first. Begin by telling your brands story and present all the information about your brand, which will create trust in their mind. It’s a cycle, once you are willing to share, so will they! Try to keep communication as personal as it could be.

It’s crystal clear that the way Millennials spend time on various medias, is different from your other users. With these actionable insights your business will be able to execute plans more effectively, in-turn letting you take advantage of this booming market opportunity.

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