Is Narendra Modi really the new face for India in 2014?

Election fever has completely gripped the Indian nation and media as well. With the election fever in full swing all the parties are pitching their promises/vows to their supporters and gaining more supporters in return. The main parties which are competing in 2014 elections comprises of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), Congress, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and others.

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But we are going to talk about Narendra Modi who masses have already started claiming the new face of India! He is representing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Narendra Modi, who is serving his fourth consecutive terms as Gujarat Chief Minister (CM) has his fair share of supporters and detractors.

That being said, there is no denying the fact that he is the most debated person across the nation on almost all mediums from Print, news and now even social media is playing a large role. Modi has become an unavoidable part of many discussions. Before we have a look at how his presence has been spread on social media, let’s have a look at Narendra Modi’s presence on Social Media.

He is the only politician who has an extensive presence on Social Media and has almost tapped all the mediums. He has his own website, with social buttons as well to increase awareness and presence.

Social Media has been playing an important role in Elections worldwide, specially when we talk about Twitter and Facebook. As we mentioned before about Indian General Elections 2014A recent study done by an Indiana University found a correlation between the number of times a candidate for the House of Representatives was mentioned on Twitter in the months before an election and his or her performance in that election. The more a candidate is mentioned on Twitter, the better.

Modi has an exemplary presence on Social Media and is on all the leading platforms with widespread presence. This being his personal brand presence even the party he is representing has a great presence on social media. But now let’s have a look at the how his presence on social media is creating ripples of conversations and for this research we have used uberVU as our research partner.

How many people are talking about him?

We tracked all the conversation happening about Narendra Modi for the month of Novemeber 2013. We started mapping from 40K mentions and then it peaked straight to 1.7 million mentions between 1st – 30th November. But throughout the month of November it has remained at a constant near 35K or a little lower, or gone higher the Average line mark of 40K mentions as we can see below.

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The Average Daily Exposure has been 28 Million Impressions. But it was at the highest around 18th November at 54 Million impressions and the lowest at 9 Million post 18th November. But as it can be observed throughout it has remained constantly above the 20 Million line mark, thus the amount of mentions daily, it is just incredible! Isn’t it? So many people talking about Narendra Modi every day!

As we can see in terms of Gender distribution, men have clearly marked their territory when it comes to sports and politics at men creating the most amount of conversations at 85% they are creating the most ripples, followed by women who are sharing their thoughts and comments at 15% a small segment compared to men. The most preferred language of communication is English at 88%, followed by Hindi at 5 % Italian at 3% which is a surprising statistics it just shows the global reach and lastly followed by Urdu at 1%.

Where are these people talking? Which Platforms?

As we can see that, people prefer Twitter as a platform for voicing their thoughts and opinions compared to all other portals, giving impetus to 140 characters over other portals. But due to Narendra Modi’s widespread presence it gives a chance to their supporters to be in touch through their desired media platform.

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The Conversations around

This is how the following conversation map takes place when it comes to discussions regarding the elections. With 15% to congress the most amount of percentage of conversational topic for followers. Followed by BJP at 14%, congress and BJP are neck-to-neck on twitter when it comes to voicing opinions on Twitter.

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NaMo at 9%, Gujarat 5%, Shri Narendra 2%, Narendra 3%, leader 3%, and Party 4% so almost all discussions done on the current political situation surround Narendra Modi and his party. Then followed by Rally and vote at 6% and 5% respectively and then nation, election, politics, Delhi all at 2 % and lastly at the close by address at 1%. It can be very clearly deduced that Narendra Modi is one of the most discussed topics of conversation on Social Networks.

Sentiment of the conversations happening

Narendra Modi has received appreciation as well backlash which is miniscule compared to the praises people are singing about him, let’s have a look at it in the forms of positives and negatives.


Narendra Modi has a lot of fans/followers/ Supporters on twitter through their tweets and are all rooting and chanting for him to be the next Prime Minister and hoping he could change the face of India, uplift corruption and be the true leader one is suppose to be!


NaMo magic has worked once again. He is the most followed politician in India. He has a huge fan following on both Facebook and Twitter and a very impressive presence on other portals as well.

Here is a live Twitter stream of all the conversations happening about Narendra Modi

Your turn

What do you think about Narendra Modi as the new face of India? Which side of the scale are you more inclined towards? Do share your comments with us below.

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